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For this year's draft I decided to do my team needs based on the type of team they are.  In my opinion we have five different types of teams out there.
(5)THE CONTENDERS (pretty self explanatory): MIA, SA, OKC, CHI (with a healthy Derrick Rose) and IND
(5) THE GOOD BUT NOT GREAT PERENNIAL PLAYOFF TEAMS (good teams with veteran stars/core):  MEM, LAC (if CP3 leaves then they will be a transition team), DEN, NY, BRK
(5) THE  UP AND COMERS (young teams with young cores led by a star 27 or under, they should become contenders or perennial playoff teams soon): GS, HOU, POR, MIN, PHL, TOR
(7) TRANSITIONING TEAMS (these teams have MAJOR decisions this summer on whether to rebuild or try to make another playoff run with a veteran team, all of these teams best or second best player is a free agent this summer):  ATL, LAL, BOS, UTAH, MIL, DAL
(8) REBUILDING (self explanatory, all these teams have top 8 picks and have young cores, some like CLV, WAS and DET  have a stud to build around, others will look to this year's draft and the 2014 draft to get a star to build around

Notes: Projected 2013 Salary cap is 58.5 million.  The number next to position is the range the player ranks in the NBA in regards to other starters at their position.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Picks: 1, 19, 31, 33

Stars/Building Blocks: 
Good young PG (9-16) Kyrie Irving
2011 #4 pick PF (21-24) Tristan Thompson 
2012 #4 pick SG (119-23) Dion Waiters 
Several solid role players: 
C (9-15 whenb healthy) Anderson Varejao 
SG/SF (26-30)-Alonzo Gee 
2012 #17 pick C (26-30) Tyler Zeller
Need: SF, C
Options: Otto Porter, Alex Len, Nerlens Noel, trade down
Synopsis: With Irving running the point, the Cavs have a franchise player to build around.  Even with Waiters,  the Cavs still need help on the wings and a true center to compliment Thompson.  They would love to trade down, but with no sure fire star in this draft, a trade down is very unlikely.    
Team Stats: OPPG-19, ORTG-25, DPPG-25, DRTG-27, APG-26, RPG-22
2013 Cap $$$- 34.22 (24.28 under)  
Key Free Agents: Omri Casspi and Wayne Ellington (both restricted) may not receive QA (qualifying offer) 

Orlando Magic
Picks: 2, 51

Stars/Building Blocks : 
2011 #17 pick C (already 11-15) Nic Vucevic 
Role Players: 
PG (21-26) Jameer Nelson
SG (19-23) Aaron Affalo
2011 # 19 pick CF Tobias Harris
2012 #15 pick SF (26-30) Moe Harkless
CF-Glenn Davis
2012 #19 pick PF (26-30) Andew Nicholson 
Need: Everything but C 
Ben McLemore, Victor Oladipo, trade down, Nerlens Noel
Synopsis: The Magic lost Dwight Howard last summer and the result was the worst record in the NBA.  Vucevic was a pleasant surprise in the Howard trade.  They also traded JJ Redick for a good young player in Harris.  Vets Nelson and Affalo will likely be traded for younger assets this year.  The Magic will stink again this year which will allow them to get a true franchise talent in the loaded 2014 draft. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-24, ORTG-24, DPPG-25, DRTG-27, APG-26, RPG-22
2013 Cap $$$: 51.73 (6.77 under), if they release the non guaranteed contracts of Hedo Turkoglu and Al Harrington 
Key Free Agents: None 

Washington Wizards
Picks: 3. 37, 54

Stars/Building Blocks: 
Good young PG (9-16) John Wall
2012 #3 pick  SG (already 12-18, with 4-11 potential)  Bradley Beal 
Solid PF (16-20) Nene 
Many solid role players: 
SF-Trevor Ariza
C (17-24) Emeka Okafor
SF (18-23)Martell Webster 
forwards: 2011 #6 pick Jan Vesely and 2011 #18 pick Chris SIngleton are both major busts thus far 
Need: Young Big Man, SF, scoring 
Options: Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, Alex Len, Nerlens Noel  
Synopsis: The Wizards came on strong in the second half of last season with the return of PG John Wall.  With Wall and Beal the Wizards have a good young backcourt for the future.  Wall is one of the best young floor generals in the league and is set to receive a nice extension.  Beal is a sharpshooter that is a great compliment to Wall.  The Wizards are in an ideal spot to get a forward that can have an instant impact with either Porter or Bennett.  Both guys can help the Wizards lack of scoring.  Noel and Len don't make much sense here because neither are NBA ready and neither are great scorers.  
Team Stats: OPPG-28, ORTG-30, DPPG-8, DRTG-5, APG-19, RPG-9
2013 Cap $$$- 57.06 (1.44 under)  
Key Free Agents: Webster (UFA) 

Charlotte Bobcats 
Picks: 4

Stars/Building Blocks: 
Solid Young PG (21-26) Kemba Walker 
2012 #2 pick SF (24-30) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 
SG (19-23) Gerald Henderson
Role Players: 
CG-Ramon Sessions
PF (28-30-Bismack Biyombo 
C(worst starter in the league) BJ Mullens 
CG-Ben Gordon 
2012 #31 pick SF-Jeffrey Taylor 
Need:  C, PF, SG have the worst frontcourt in the league
Nerlens Noel, Anthony Bennett, Alex Len, 
Synopsis:  The good news in 2013 was the emergence of Kemba Walker.  The bad news was the Bobcats were still terrible.  They need a ton of help.  They should take a big at #4 but they could also go 2 guard and move on from Henderson.  
Team Stats: OPPG-26, ORTG-28, DPPG-29, DRTG-30, APG-29, RPG-27
2013 Cap $$$- 40.16 or 31.47 (27.03 under) if they amnesty Tyrus Thomas 
Key Free Agents: Henderson and Mullens (both restricted) may receive QA

Phoenix Suns 
 5, 30, 57

Stars/Building Blocks: 
Solid young PG (21-26) Goran Dragic
Solid C (17-24) Marcin Gortat
Role Players: 
SG/SF (13-20) Jared Dudley
PF (21-25) Luis Scola
SG (worst starter in the league along with WIllie Green of LAC) PJ Tucker
2012 1st rounder PG Kendall Marshall 
CF and team cancer  Michael Beasley 
Stretch 4  Channing Frye
Need: Young, athletic SG, depth everywhere else
Options: Victor Oladipo, Ben McLemore, if both are gone, likely trade down.  
Synopsis: The Suns first year in the Post-Steve Nash Era was one to forget.  The Suns need a ton of help.  If they get a great defender like Oladipo or a good shooter like McLemore, their guards will be set for the future.  Like the Magic and Bobcats, the Suns will struggle again next year and will likely land a star in the top 5 of the 2014 NBA draft. 
Team Stats: OPPG-21, ORTG-29, DPPG-26, DRTG-23, APG-14, RPG-18
2013 Cap $$$- 49.24 (9.26 under)  
Key Free Agents: Wesley Johnson 

New Orleans Pelicans 
Picks: 6
Stars/Building Blocks: 
2012 #1 pick PF (already 16-20 with top 8 potential) Anthony Davis
Good young  PG (17-20) Greivis Vasquez
Good (when healthy, which is NEVER) SG (13-20) Eric Gordon 
CF/Stud 6th man  Ryan Anderson
Role players: 
SF (18-23) Al-Farouq Aminu
C (25-30) Robin Lopez
2012 #10 pick  CG Austin Rivers 
Need:  TRUE C!!!, SF, backup guard  
Alex Len, Steven Adams, Cody Zeller, trade down
Synopsis:  The newly named PELICANS (I will always think of the movie Scarface and Tony Montana any time I hear PELICANS)  have a solid young core. The missing piece is a legit BIG man to take the pressure and pounding off of Davis and Anderson. Davis was solid as a rookie but the story of last season was the breakout performance of Vasquez. Rivers was terrible as a rookie, he will need a good season in 2014 to justify his #10 pick. If the Pelicans don't go big at #6 they may use their cap space on a center like Al Jefferson or Andrew Bynum. The Pelicans are moving in the right direction as a team despite the weird name change. 
Team Stats: OPPG-25, ORTG-16, DPPG-14, DRTG-28, APG-23, RPG-17
2013 Cap $$$- 43.42 or 37.83 (20.67 under) if they waive Lopez and Jason Smith   
Key Free Agents: Aminu

Sacramento Kings 
 7, 36
Stars/Building Blocks: 
Stud F/C (9-16)-DeMarcus Cousins 
Good SG/SF (12-18) Tyreke Evans
Role Players 
Solid SG/6th man Marcus Thornton
2011 #60 pick, solid young PG (27-30) Isiah Thomas
PF (21-25)Jason Thompson 
SF (24-30) John Salmons 
2011 #10 pick CG Jimmer Fredette
Need: SF, defense and must decide if Evans is in their long term plans (SAME EXACT NEEDS AS LAST YEAR)  
 Michael Carter Williams, trade up for Otto Porter or Victor Oladipo (both likely gone at #7), Cody Zeller, Shabazz Muhammed, trade down for a defender like Jamal Franklin, GA the Greek, Livio Jean Charles or one of the shot blockers.   
Synopsis: The Kings made bad moves in the past two drafts.  Both years they passed on a great young SF.  Last year it was Harrison Barnes, in 2011 it was Kawhi Leonard.  They took Jimmer Fredette in 2011 and last year took PF Thomas Robinson.  Both Robinson and Jimmer were great college players but neither has done much in the NBA.  That is the bad luck of the Kings.  They were once again the worst defensive team in the league.  Kings fans are happy the team will remain in Sacramento but would prefer a better product on the court.  
Team Stats: OPPG-10, ORTG-12, DPPG-30, DRTG-29, APG-25, RPG-25
2013 Cap $$$- 42.02 (16.48 under) 
Key Free Agents: Tyreke Evans, Tony Douglas and James Johnson (all restricted, Evans will get QA, the others maybe) 

Detroit Pistons 
Picks: 8, 38, 56
Stars/Building Blocks: 
Stud F/C (9-16 as C, 11-15 as PF)-Greg Monroe
Role Players: 
CG/6th man  Rodney Stuckey 
2011 #8 pick CG (19-23 as SG, 27-30 as PG)  Brandon Knight
2012 #10 pick C  Andre Drummond
2011 #33 pick SF (24-30) Kyle Singler 
PG (21-26) Jose Calderon 
Need:  A big PG so they can move Knight to SG, SF 
Michael Carter WIlliams or trade down
 The Pistons NEED Michael Carter Williams.  He would be the perfect complement to Brandon Knight.  They should draft MCW and then re-sign Calderon to a small contract to mentor MCW. If they don't draft MCW, they should try to sign Tyreke Evans. Drafting local product Trey Burke would give the Pistons a very small backcourt.  

Team Stats: OPPG-27, ORTG-26, DPPG-14, DRTG-22, APG-28, RPG-27
2013 Cap $$$- 35.04 (23.46 under) 
Key Free Agents: Calderon, Maxiell, Will Bynum

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