Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Trades That Make At Least Some Sense

Going off of my "On the block: The 10 players most likely to be traded" I decided to take it to the next step and try some trades via the ESPN NBA Trade Machine. So based on some of the players I had listed I have my 5 trades that make at least some sense. Since they all make since, none of them will happen. At least not exactly the same way.

NOTE: I added the draft say trades and all contract information is based on the 2009-2010 season.


There have been some rumors that the TWolves are interested in Anthony Randolph. Some rumors say could trade one of their 3 1st round picks and someone else to get him. I think if their is a trade both teams might just go all out and make it a blockbuster deal, here's how it would benefit both teams.

MIN: Monta Ellis and Anthony Randolph
They get a great scorer in Ellis and the length they want at the small forward spot with Randolph. They also keep their pick and take DeMarcus Cousins. Here's how their line up of the future would look:
C-D. Cousins
PF-K. Love
SF-A. Randolph
PG-J. Flynn and/or R. Rubio
SG-M. Ellis
6th man-R.Gomes

GS: Al Jefferson, Corey Brewer and the #17 pick
Both Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis put up good numbers as a backcourt duo last year. However, the Warriors still went 26-56. I don't see a Curry/Ellis backcourt working for the future. Both are undersized and play basically the same game. Lets be honest, Al Jefferson is way better than any option for the Warriors at #6. The Warriors get a stud power forward and length on the wing with Corey Brewer. Plus they can take the best small forward at #6 (either Wes Johnson or Al-Farouq Aminu) and take a big to add depth up front with the #17 pick also included in my trade.
Here's the Warriors new lineup:
C-A. Biedrins
PF-A. Jefferson
SF-A. Aminu or W. Johnson
PG-S. Curry
SG-C. Maggette
6th-C. Brewer


Utah: #2 pick (Evan Turner), Elton Brand, Louis Williams
I feel that if the Jazz were to add Evan Turner would instantly make them title contenders. So what if they also have to take on Elton Brand's contract. Throw in instant offense backup combo guard Louis Williams and this looks like a good deal.

PHL: #9 pick (power forward) and Andrei Kirilenko
I continue to believe that the only way the 76ers trade the #2 pick is if a team takes on Elton Brand's ridiculous contract. If someone would be willing to take on Elton Brand's contract then GM Ed Stefanski would have no choice but to deal the #2 pick. This trade would drop Philly's payroll for the 2011-2012 season from 42.44 million to around 23 million (includes estimate of the #9 picks salary). That would give Philly plenty of room to sign a 2011 free agent such as Melo or Tony Parker. The 76ers could use the #9 pick to get an upgrade at power forward.


I admit that it's a long shot that these division rivals make a deal. However if it benefits both teams then why not?
Ironically Hinrich was picked one spot ahead or Ford in the 2003 NBA draft.

IND: #16 pick (role playing center) and Kirk Hinrich
It is no secret that Indiana wants to trade out of the #10 pick and get either a point guard or a center by trading down. With this trade Indiana gets an upgrade at the point and can pick a defensive center at 16 in either Hassan Whiteside, Larry Sanders or Soloman Alabi.

CHI: #10 pick (Xavier Henry) and T.J. Ford
I think this trade would only happen if Henry is on the board at #10. He would be a picture perfect in the backcourt next to Derrick Rose and having great shooters could also help lure Mr. James to Chi-Town. The Bulls should try to get something for Hinrich.


MIA: Jarryd Bayless
Miami's dream scenario. They trade Beasley, get a decent upgrade at the point, and most importantly they save money. This move would save Miami over 2 million dollars for this summer in free agency. Bayless is a big point guard (6-3/200) who is better off the ball than running the team. He's a great shooter who would be a great fit with DWade.

POR: Michael Beasley
Micheal Beasley may have not met expectations thus far, but he's better than any small forward on Portland. Beasley is without question a small forward. He can become a very good player in due time. However he proved in Miami that he is not a good #2 option. He's more of a Lamar Odom than a Chris Bosh. That will be OK considering that Portland already has two studs in Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.

NY: Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez
Only in America could a team get two possible starters for no one else. All the Knicks give up is two trade exceptions and about 2.4 million dollars. If you don't know by now, Mike D'Antoni loves Rudy and would welcome Batum with open arms. Both European players would fit very well in New York's uptempo offense. The Knicks will soon realize that LeBron isn't coming to the Big Apple and will be very happy if they could somehow swing Bosh and/or Joe Johnson.


SAC: Hedo Turkouglu

TOR: Andres Nocioni and Donta Greene

Why not? Neither Hedo nor Andres want to be where there at now so why not just trade these two for each other. Throw in Greene who is a finesse combo forward who played his college ball at Syracuse which is not too far from Toronto and we call it even.

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