Sunday, November 15, 2009

NBA Team Rankings

1. LAL (7-2)-Will the real Lakers please stand up? Are they the team that demolished the Suns Thursday night or the team that was beat badly by the Nuggets on Friday night.

2. BOS (8-3)-They've lost 2 straight but are still considered by many to be the best team in the NBA.

3. PHO (8-2)-Their record doesn't lie, plus Nash and Amare are both playing like superstars.

4. ATL (8-2)- They've won 4 straight including wins at Boston and blow out over Denver.

5. POR (8-3)-They are the hottest team in the NBA, winning 6 straight. They will face another red hot team in the Hawks on Monday night.
Both teams are young and talented.

6. ORL (7-3)-When healthy, they will probably be in the same class as the Lakers and Celtics, but who knows when they will be healthy.

7. DEN (7-3)-Big win over the Lakers Friday night after losing 3 of their last 4. Melo is playing as good as LeBron, Wade or Kobe.

8. CLV (7-3)-Speaking of King James, he and the Cavs proved they were a little bit better than Miami. The Cavs need to get J.J. Hickson in the game more if they want to be successful.

9. MIA (7-2)-Dwayne Wade is playing like the best player in the NBA and Michael Beasley is starting to play like a #2 draft pick should. That is why Miami is 7-2.

10. DAL (6-3)-They've been solid, but not spectacular. They will battle with the Spurs all year for first in the Southwest.

11. TOR (5-4)-Chris Bosh is the best big man in the league so far with 28ppg and 12rpg. The addition of Hedo has helped too.

12. IND (4-3)-Danny Granger talks the talk and then backs it up too. He said they would beat Boston and they did. The Pacers have now won 4 straight after starting 0-3.

13. SA (4-4)-The Spurs are 0-3 on the road. That will need to change if they want to win the Southwest.

14. CHI (5-4)-They have 4 players averaging double figures in scoring, including Joakim Noah who is averaging a double-double.

15. MIL (5-2)-Brandon Jennings dropped 55 against the Warriors Saturday night. He is the Rookie of the Year thus far, but there is a lot of season left.

16. SAC (5-4)-They are by far the most surprising team in the NBA right now. Kevin Martin is a scoring machine and Tyreke Evans is a Rookie of the Year candidate.

17. OKC (5-4)-The Thunder have their own Kevin who is a pretty good scorer. Russell Westbrook is playing like one of the top 10 PGs in the league too.

18. HOU (5-4)-Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza have given hope to a team that many (including myself) thought had no shot at being competitive without Yao Ming or Ron Artest.

19. DET (5-4)-I am not sold on the Pistons yet, but they have played good so far.

20. Utah (4-6)-It is only a matter of time before they trade Carlos Boozer and get some help on the wings for Deron Williams. The Northwest is a tough division with the Nuggets, Blazers and the up and coming Thunder.

21. PHL (4-6)-They are a better team when they run and gun. Elton Brand does not fit in there. He is like Shaq on the Suns.

22. CHR (3-6)-Larry Brown was hoping this would be the year the Bobcats could make their first ever playoff appearance. They will need to turn it around fast if they want to accomplish that goal.

23. NO (3-8)-Getting rid of Byron Scott will not help Emeka Okafor get any better or make Peja any younger. Now the GM is coaching, give me a break. It looks like a long year for Chris Paul and New Orleans. At the Saints are still undefeated.

24. LAC (3-7)-Please Blake, get well soon. The Clippers need you.

25. GS (3-5)-The Warriors will score a lot and still lose. Their only wins this year were against other bad teams.

26. WAS (2-7)-They looked so good on opening night against Dallas, since then, not so much. Gilbert Arenas is very good, but he is not in the same class as DWade, Kobe, Brandon Roy or even Kevin Martin.

27. MEM (2-8)-With or without Iverson, they are bad. They have some talent but haven't won many games.

28. MIN (1-10)-At least the Vikings have Peterson, Favre, and Harvin. The TWolves have Al Jefferson that's pretty much it. My forecast a LONG cold winter and season in Minnesota.

29. NJ (0-10)-Brook Lopez is decent. They have 12 role players and absolutely no stars.

30. NY (1-9)-I realize they have a win and the Nets don't. But the Knicks are just so bad I cannot put them anywhere but last. If LeBron wants to play basketball in the New York Metro area next year he would have a best chance to win if he played for the New York Liberty.

Monday, November 2, 2009

NBA-What we have learned through the first weekend.

-Like I have said before the Cavs big men cannot defend the perimeter. This was evident in the first two games of the year which resulted in losses against the Celtics and Raptors. I am not saying the Cavs won’t make the playoffs or won’t win 60 games, but they will struggle against teams with versatile or great shooting 4 or 5 men. These teams include BOS, ORL, LAL, DAL, ATL, TOR, Utah, PHO, OKC, MIA (if Michael Beasley continues to start at PF) and PHL (if Thaddeus Young starts at PF once Elton Brand gets hurt, it will happen eventually)

-The Lakers, Celtics and Magic (with or without Vince Carter) all look capable of winning 65 or more games this year.

-The Nuggets might also belong in that class and they will stay in the top tier with the NBA’s elite as long as Melo plays the way he has. Melo has more skill than LeBron and is looking to put himself in the NBA’s elite class along with Kobe, DWade, and Bron.

-The Thunder is 2-1 and if they make a playoff push this year, then there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Northwest Division is the best in the NBA. Denver is elite, Portland is young and talented, and the Jazz are always solid. Minnesota is bad and Ricky Rubio wouldn’t really help much.

-Memphis beat Toronto 2 days after the Raptors beat King James and the Cavs. The Raptors frontcourt did look impressive against the Cavs. They have 3 versatile guys at 6-10 or taller.

-The second best division in the NBA might be the Southeast. The Magic are nasty and the Hawks have as good of a starting 5 as any team in the league. The Heat is 3-0 and they have that Wade guy on their team. The Wizards have looked impressive as the Gilbert Arenas of old has returned. The Bobcats are terrible. They scored 59 points in the opener and were led by Gerald Wallace’s 10 points.

-Avery Johnson said Tony Parker was the second best PG in the league behind Chris Paul after the Spurs beat the Hornets. A day later, Derrick Rose completely out played Parker in the Bulls win proving that Rose might be the second best PG in the league. However Rose followed that game with 2 bad performances in losses against the Celtics and Heat. So I would have to say that Deron Williams is the number 2 PG in the NBA right now. His 11 assists per game give him a slight edge over Chauncey and Steve Nash. Here are my PG rankings right now:

1) Chris Paul
2) Deron Williams
3) Chauncey Billups
4) Steve Nash-He is looking like the Nash of old and the Suns are 3-0, but don’t expect 20 assists like he had vs. the Warriors every night).
5) Aaron Brooks- The most underrated player in the NBA right now. He is averaging 22 and 8 through the first 3 games and the Rockets are somehow 2-1 without Yao or Artest.
Just outside the top 5: Derrick Rose, Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook.

-The Mavs have looked good since their opening night loss to the Wizards.

-I don’t know what to think about the 76ers yet, other than I hope every Philly team beats a New York team, but the Phillies are losing to the Yankees. I really hate the Yankees.

-The Clippers really really need Blake Griffin to heal fast.

-Danny Granger and Kevin Martin are both likely to average more points per game than wins for their team. I am guessing Granger at 27.1 ppg with the Pacers going 20-62 while Kevin Martin gets 26.5 ppg while the Kings go 14-68.

-Speaking of bad teams the New York/Jersey Jets and Giants aren’t the only teams in the New York Metro area struggling. The Knicks and Nets are both stinking it up. So which teams will LeBron chose this summer? Your guess is as good as mine.

-The Bucks are so bad the NBA wouldn’t let them pay a game until Friday. However they did upset the Pistons on Saturday and Brandon Jennings has looked good in his first two games.

-Another rookie that has looked good is second round steal DeJuan Blair. He’s averaging 8 and 8 off the Bench for the Spurs.

So those are my thoughts thus far. I somehow managed to mention every team at least once.