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New Orleans Hornets
Picks: 1, 10, 46
Stud (when healthy) SG (5-8) Eric Gordon (RFA)
Solid PG (15-20)-Jarrett Jack
Role players: 
C (21-25)-Chris Kaman (UFA) 
CG-Greivis Vasquez
G/F-Marco Belineli (RFA) 
PF-Carl Landry (UFA)
SF-Al-Farouq Aminu
C/F-Jason Smith 
C/F-Gustavo Ayon (Team Option)
PF, C , backup SF, offense and rebounding 
 They will draft Anthony Davis #1.   They should really think about giving Davis some help up front.  Centers Tyler Zeller and Myers Leonard would be solid at #10.   
Synopsis:  They lost CP3 and David West last off season.  They went from playoff team to having the #1 pick.  They need depth everywhere. If they don't draft a center at #10, then Gustavo Ayon may start and new franchise PF Anthony Davis will take a beating.  

Team Stats: Offensive Points Per Game (OPPG)-29, Offensive Rating (ORTG)-28, Defensive Points per Game (DPPG)-8, Defensive Rating (DRTG)-15, Assists Per Game (APG)-16 Rebounds Per Game (RPG)-24

Charlotte Bobcats 
Picks: 2, 31

Solid SG (20-25) -Gerald Henderson
2nd year players PG-Kemba Walker 
C/F-Bismack Biyombo
PG-DJ Augustin (RFA, not likely to come back) 
EVERYTHING.  Mainly PF, SF and depth.  They were pretty much the worst team in league history last year.  Their frontcourt is pathetic.  
Trade down, Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd Gilchrist (MKG), Harrison Barnes or Bradley Beal. 
Synopsis:  The Bobcats want to trade down but may find that very difficult to do.  If they stay at #2 they will get a very good player.  But lets be honest, the Bobcats will be picking in the top 5 once again next year.  
Team Stats: OPPG-30, ORTG-30, DPPG-27, DRTG-30, APG-19, RPG-29

Washington Wizards
Picks: 3, 18, 34 

Good young PG (8-13)-John Wall
Solid C (16-20)-Nene 
Many solid role players: 
PF-Trevor Booker
CG-Jordan Crawford
SF-Trevor Ariza
C-Emeka Okafor
2011 1st round picks:  forwards Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton.  
Need: Upgrade at SG and PF
Options: Bradley Beal, MKG, Harrison Barnes or Thomas Robinson  
Synopsis: The Wizards have a plethora of forwards and two solid centers that can split time. I think Beal should be the easy choice if he is still on the board at #3.  His game perfectly compliments the skill set of John Wall.  Beal has the potential to be a 20 ppg scorer in this league. 
Team Stats: OPPG-22, ORTG-25, DPPG-20, DRTG-21, APG-27, RPG-20

Cleveland Cavaliers
4, 32, 54 

Good young PG (8-13)and Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving
2nd year PF-Tristan Thompson
Several solid role players: 
C (15-22)-Anderson Varejao 
SF/SG-Alonzo Gee (RFA) 
SF-Omri Casspi 
Need: SF, SG, frontcourt depth
Options: Barnes, MKG or Beal
Synopsis: Last year's #1 pick Kyrie Irving came up big as a rookie.  With Irving running the point, the Cavs now have a franchise player to build around.  The Cavs need help on the wings and they are in a great position to get a great compliment to Kyrie.  
Team Stats: OPPG-25, ORTG-24, DPPG-26, DRTG-26, APG-23, RPG-14

Sacramento Kings 
 5, 35, 60
Stud PF (10-15)-DeMarcus Cousins
Good CG/SF (9-13) Tyreke Evans
Solid scoring SG (10-15) Marcus Thornton
2nd year PG-Isiah Thomas
Role players: 
C-Jason Thompson (RFA)
2nd year CG Jimmer Fredette
G/F-Francisco Garcia 
Need: SF, defense and must decide if Evans is in their long term plans 
 MKG, Barnes, Robinson, trade down
Synopsis: Looking back, they should of drafted Kawhi Leonard last year.  They will try to fill the void at SF this year if either MKG or Barnes is on the board.  If they are both gone they should draft PF Thomas Robinson and move Cousins to center or try to trade down. 
Team Stats: OPPG-6, ORTG-21, DPPG-30, DRTG-29, APG-26, RPG-10

Portland Trail Blazers
Picks: 6, 11, 40, 41

Star PF (top 10)-LaMarcus Aldridge
Good SG (10-15)-Wesley Matthews
Good SF (15-20) Nicolas Batum (RFA)
PG and C
Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard, Kendall Marshall, Tyler Zeller and Myers Leonard all fit their needs 
Synopsis: Portland went from playoff team to having two picks in the first round.  Last year's free agent pickups of Jamal Crawford and Ray Felton didn't workout.  Now both are free agents again and not likely to return to Portland.  So Portland is back to building around their young core of Aldridge, Matthews and Batum.  They have glaring needs at PG and C.  Will they address both positions in the draft or will they take the best player available at #6 and #11
Team Stats: OPPG-16, ORTG-11, DPPG-18, DRTG-23, APG-17, RPG-25

Golden State Warriors 
 7, 30, 35, 52

A good young PG (11-20 when healthy)-Stephen Curry
Good PF(10-15)-David Lee
Good C (5-10 when healthy)-Andrew Bogut
2nd year SG-Klay Thompson
Very average SF (21-27) Dorell Wright 
 SF,depth everywhere as Curry, Bogut and even Lee have injury issues 
Trade pick for a veteran stud SF, Barnes or MKG if they slip (not likely), stay and take a combo guard like Damian Lillard or Dion Waiters 
Synopsis: The Warriors can score in bunches but they still have trouble on defense.  Coach Mark Jackson is trying so change the culture there. Look for them to draft someone with toughness and defensive skills.  
Team Stats: OPPG-12, ORTG-14, DPPG-28, DRTG-27, APG-9, RPG-28

Toronto Raptors 
 8, 37, 56
Stud PF (14-22 when healthy) who is playing out of position at center in Andrea Bargnani
Good PG (11-18) Jose Calderon
Solid young SG (16-20)-Demar DeRozan, who is also playing out of position and would do better as a starting SF. 
Next year they will get 2011 #5 pick C-Jonas Valinciunas
Young PF-Ed Davis 
Need: Scoring SG or CG,
Options: Trade pick for veteran wing player, Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lamb, Waiters or Lillard
Synopsis: The Raptors have some nice young pieces.  Bargnani will benefit from a move to his natural position as a stretch four.  The Raptors will be active in trading the pick, but if they stay put they'll still get a very nice scorer.  
Team Stats: OPPG-28, ORTG-29, DPPG-9, DRTG-14, APG-14, RPG-17

Detroit Pistons 
Picks: 9, 39, 44
Stud F/C (top 10)-Greg Monroe
Two good combo guards: 
Rodney Stuckey 
2nd year man Brandon Knight
Solid vet SF (16-20)-Tayahaun Prince
SG/6th man: Ben Gordon 
Need:  A defensive big to compliment Monroe, youth on the wings 
Arnett Moultrie, Myers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, John Henson (would be a reach)  
The Pistons need someone down low to take the pressure off of Monroe.  There are plenty of nice names to choose from but I feel that Moultire is the best fit.  Leonard is the hot name of late and may remind Piston fans of former bad boy center Bill Laimbeer.  

Team Stats: OPPG-27, ORTG-26, DPPG-14, DRTG-22, APG-28, RPG-27

Milwaukee Bucks 
 12, 42 
Stud SG (3-7)-Monta Ellis
Good young PG (8-14)-Brandon Jennings
Solid role players: 
PF (17-22) Ersan Ilyasova (UFA)
F/C (15-22)-Drew Gooden
SF-Carlos Delfino (UFA)
SF-Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
G/F-Mike Dunlevy 
 A true Center, a backup CG 
 Leonard, Zeller, or a solid SF.   
Synopsis: The Bucks traded former #1 overall pick Andrew Bogut to Golden State to get Ellis and thus get more scoring.  Ilyasova broke out last year but now they need to pay him.  Gooden had a career year but he isn't really a center.  The Bucks have plenty of wings but need to add depth up front.  
Team Stats: OPPG-5, ORTG-13, DPPG-22, DRTG-16, APG-5, RPG-12 
Phoenix Suns 

Aging star PG (top 7)-Steve Nash (UFA)
Stud C (7-10)-Marcin Gortat
SG/SF (13-20)-Jared Dudley
Role Players: 
PF (21-25)-Channing Frye
SF (21-25) Grant Hill
SG-Shannon Brown
2nd year PF-Markieff Morris
RFA rights to PG-Aaron Brooks, 
Young, athletic SG so they can move Dudley to his natural position of SF.  
Options:  Rivers, Waiters, J. Lamb, Terrence Ross 
Synopsis: The Suns are picking in the same spot they were last year.  It's time to let the Nash era come to an end.  Gortat and Dudley are solid players but they need young athletes, especially scorers to rebuild around.  There are plenty of nice options to choose from. This year's draft is very deep so picking at #13 should get Phoenix an instant starter.  
Team Stats: OPPG-8, ORTG-9, DPPG-21, DRTG-24, APG-6, RPG-19 

Houston Rockets
 14, 16
Two good PG's (both 11-20 range)-Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic (UFA)
Solid scoring SG (15-20)-Kevin Martin
Solid PF (16-20)-Luis Scola
2nd year SF-Chandler Parsons
Several free agent role players: 
C-Marcus Camby
G/F-Courtney Lee (RFA)
Overpriced C-Samuel Dalembert (who they will likely waive if they cannot trade him)
G/F-Chase Budinger (Team Option)
PF-Patrick Patterson (Team Option) 
Need: A Center, must make a decision between Lowry and Dragic as both will command starters minutes and money 
 Trade down/out, Zeller, Leonard, best player available
Synopsis: The Kevin McHale era started pretty smoothly.  The Rockets didn't have the most talented roster, yet they were just two games shy of making the playoffs.  Parsons went from second round pick, to starting over Chase Budinger by mid season.  They will be picking at #14  for the third straight year.  They are still waiting for the past two #14 picks, Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris to show something.  
Team Stats: OPPG-9, ORTG-12, DPPG-19, DRTG-17, APG-12, RPG-15

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