Sunday, June 24, 2012


Philadelphia 76ers
Picks: 15, 45, 54

Star SF(3-8)-Andre Iguodala, 
Good young SG (top 10 potential)-Evan Turner
PG (15-20)-Jrue Holiday
C (12-15)-Spencer Hawes (UFA)
Solid PF (15-20)-Elton Brand, 
Two of the best bench players in the NBA:
CG-Louis Williams (UFA) 
CF-Thaddeus Young 
Need: Scoring guard, F/C depth
Options: Trade down, take a power forward or scoring guard, they will have many nice options
Synopsis: Head coach Doug Collins has this team in the right direction.  They took the Celtics to seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals after being a 27 win team just two years ago.  Whomever they draft may indicate which free agent (Williams or Hawes) they keep and give a long term deal too.  They could always try trade out of the first round to save money for the off season. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-22, ORTG-20, DPPG-3, DRTG-3, APG-10, RPG-7

Dallas Mavericks 
17, 55

Star PF (top 5) Dirk Nowitzki
Good SF (9-15)-Shawn Marion
Role playing C (26-30)-Brendan Haywood  
Several key veteran free agents that are unlikely to return: 
CG-Jason Terry 
PG-Jason Kidd
G/F-Vince Carter, 
 PG, C, SG
Kendall Marshall, Arnett Moultrie, Moe Harkless, Perry Jones, Terrance Ross, 
Synopsis: The Mavs went from NBA champs to a first round exit.  Now it's reloading time in Dallas.  The Mavs will go hard after top free agents Deron Williams and Roy Hibbert.  My guess is that if Marshall is there at #17 they would take him.  There is no guarantee that they will get Williams so drafting a young PG would be a smart move.
Teams Stats: OPPG-19, ORTG-22, DPPG-12, DRTG-8, APG-15, RPG-11

Minnesota Timberwolves 
18, 58 
Star PF (top 5) Kevin Love 
Several 2nd year players: 
PG-Ricky Rubio
C-Nikola Pekovic
CF-Derrick Williams, 
Role playing CG-Luke Ridnour
Need: SG that can take scoring pressure off of Love
Options: Terrence Ross or Jeremy Lamb if they slip, trade pick for veteran, BPA 
Synopsis: Love is becoming a superstar.  Rubio, Pecovic and Williams all showed promise as rookies.  The TWolves are a team on the rise that just needs one more piece to become a playoff team.  They need an athletic SG that can score.  If they don't draft a compliment scorer at #18 they will look to get either J.R. Smith, O.J. Mayo or Jamal Crawford in free agency. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-10, ORTG-18, DPPG-25, DRTG-25, APG-24, RPG-5

Orlando Magic
Picks: 19, 49

Superstar C (#1)-Dwight Howard
Solid PF (10-15) Ryan Anderson
SG (16-20)-Jason Richardson
PG (18-25)-Jameer Nelson (UFA-PO)
SF (11-15)-Hedo Turkoglu
Good backups: 
SG-JJ Reddick
CF-Glenn Davis
Upgrades pretty much everywhere, PG, SG, C if Dwight leaves 
Synopsis: The Magic are in a bad situation.  Superman Dwight Howard wants to leave one day then changes his mind the next day.  The Magic will take the best player available at #19 then worry about the real problem this summer. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-21, ORTG-15, DPPG-7, DRTG-12, APG-20, RPG-13

Denver Nuggets 
20, 38, 50 

Good PG (8-13)-Ty Lawson
Good SF (9-15)-Danilo Galinari
Defensive specialist SG (8-15)-Aaron Affalo 
2nd year PF-Kenneth Faried
Great 6th man PF-Al Harrington
Great backup PG-Andre Miller (UFA)
Solid C (12-20) JaVale McGee (RFA)
A low post scorer, backup CG, players to fit uptempo George Karl style. 
Royce White, Tereence Jones, Draymond Green, Marcus Teague, Andrew Nicholson 
Synopsis: After the Nuggets traded Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, no one knew who was going to pickup the scoring left by Melo's departure.  The answer was EVERYONE.  Last year the Nuggets led the NBA in scoring and assists per game.  Ty Lawson proved to be a good second tier PG.  Danilo is still coming to his own and rookie Kenneth 'the manimal' Faried had great season.  The Nuggets are a very good, deep team that will look to get better and deeper with this year's draft.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-1, ORTG-3, DPPG-29, DRTG-20, APG-1, RPG-8

Boston Celtics 
21, 22, 55

One of the best starting fives in the league:
Star PG (top 7)-Rajon Rondo 
Star SF (3-8)-Paul Pierce
Aging star PF (top 10)-Kevin Garnett (UFA)
Aging star SG (5-10)-Ray Allen (UFA
Good F/C (11-15)-Brandon Bass (UFA). 
Each player is equally important as they all bring different skills to the team.  However they have little to no bench. 
C/F that can score and rebound, youth and depth on the wings, back up PG 
Draft two impact players that can contribute sooner rather than later
Synopsis: Rondo and Pierce are the only starters under contract next year.  Resigning Bass is a must.  Allen is likely to leave while KG is still unsure about his future.  Replacing future Hall of Fame guys will be no easy task for GM Danny Ainge and his staff. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-26, ORTG-27, DPPG-2, DRTG-1, APG-2, RPG-30

Atlanta Hawks

Picks: 23, 43

A good but not great trio: 
Star PF (top 10)-Josh Smith
Stud scorer SG (3-8)-Joe Johnson
Stud F/C (top 10 when healthy)-Al Horford 
Role players:
SF (15-20)-Marvin Williams 
PG (16-20)-Jeff Teague
C-Zaza Pachulia 
PG-Kirk Hinrich 
Rebounding help, wing depth
Jeffery Taylor, D. Green, White, John Jenkins 
Synopsis: The Hawks are a solid team that can't seem to make the jump out of the first round in the playoffs.  Smith AKA JSmoove had a great year while Johnson contributed as a scorer.  Horford missed most of the season with an injury but Zaza filled in nice,  Teague had a breakout year at the point while Williams remains a good role player.  The problem in Atlanta is that they lack a true scoring superstar.  Johnson can get you 18 a night but he's not in the same class as LeBron, Dwight or Melo.  They are too good year in and year out to draft a scorer so they may have to consider trading JSmoove or using the amnesty clause on Johnson in the near future.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-17, ORTG-16, DPPG-6, DRTG-6, APG-8, RPG-23

Memphis Grizzlies

Picks: 25
A great starting five when healthy: 
C (3-8)-Marc Gasol
SF (3-8)-Rudy Gay 
PG (8-15)-Mike Conley
PF (top 12 when healthy)-Zach Randolph
Defensive specialist SG (11-15)-Tony Allen
CG/6th man-OJ Mayo (RFA)
PF-Marreese Speights
Need: Scoring CG, back up PG, backup C 
Options: Teague, Tony Wroten, Evan Fournier or BPA, many mocks have them taking Will Barton but I think that would be a huge reach.  
Synopsis: The Grizzlies are clearly a team on the rise.  Even when Randolph was hurt, they still played well.  Gasol had a breakout season while Gay continues to be a stud.  Mayo is a free agent so they may try to find a replacement for him at #25.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-20, ORTG-19, DPPG-5, DRTG-7, APG-24, RPG-16

Indiana Pacers
Picks: 26
A very good starting five: 
Stud SF (8-10)-Danny Granger
Stud C (7-10)-Roy Hibbert (RFA)
Good PF (11-20) David West 
Good young SF/SG (8-15)-Paul George
Two solid PG's (both 21-25 range)-George Hill who started in the playoffs and 
Darren Collison who started in the regular season 
PF-Tyler Hansborough
C/F-Louis Amundson (UFA)
Leandro Barbosa (UFA)
Need: Depth everywhere, C in case Hibbert leaves 
Options: Fab Melo, Festus Ezeli, Miles Plumlee or best non center ont he board
Synopsis: The Pacers and coach Frank Vogel continue to progress in the Eastern Conference.  They took eventual NBA Champs the Miami Heat to six games and were up 2-1 in the series.  No team has got better value with their recent 1st round picks than the Pacers. Granger and Hibbert were both the 17th pick in the 05 and 08 drafts respectively, while George was the 10th pick in 2010.  The Pacers had a breakout year from George while Hibbert made his first all star team.  Hibbert is a free agent and the Pacers will need to spend top dollar to keep him happy in Indy.   
Teams Stats: OPPG-13, ORTG-7, DPPG-10, DRTG-9, APG-29, RPG-4

Miami Heat
Picks: 27 

The big three superstars: 
SF (#1, MVP of the league)-LeBron James
SG (1 or 2) -Dwayne Wade
PF (top 10)-Chris Bosh
Very solid role players: 
Defensive specialist/sharpshooter CF-Shane Battier 
F/C (11-20)-Udonis Haslem
PG (21-30)-Mario Chalmers
PG-Norris Cole 
F/G-Mike Miller 
F/G-James Jone
C-Joel Anthony 
Need: Long, athletic defensive center and  shooters 
Options: Bigs-Ezeli or Plumlee, shooters: John Jenkins or Doron Lamb
LeBron James and the big three won their first title together.  Now expectations will continue to be high in sunny South Florida  If the Heat want to repeat they may need to replace the shooting of Mike Miler and James Jones who both may leave the team and/or retire.  The sky is the limit for this insanely talented team!

Teams Stats: OPPG-7, ORTG-8, DPPG-4, DRTG-4, APG-21, RPG-21

Oklahoma City Thunder 
Picks: 28 

Superstar SF (#2)-Kevin Durant
Star PG (top 7)-Russell Westbrook
Stud SG (3-8)/6th man of the year-James Harden
Role players:  
PF (13-20)-Serge Ibaka
C (16-20)-Kendrick Perkins
Defensive specialist SG (11-20)-Thabo Sefolosha
C-Nick Collison
PG-Derrick Fisher (UFA)
Backup PG and C
Draft Euro prospect, trade down, draft best PG or big available 
Synopsis: (Note: Same exact synopsis as last year): The Thunder have quickly become a title contender thanks to great drafting from 07-09. They drafted Durant #2 in 07, Westbrook #4 in 08 and Harden #3 in 09. They also got a solid value taking Ibaka #24 in 08. The Thunder also made smart trades to help them on defense bringing in Thabo Sefolosha and Kendrick Perkins. The Thunder need some help scoring down low. But what they really need is for Westbrook to understand that Durant is the star and go to guy and for Durant to become more assertive. If Westbrook is unable to adapt then Harden could step in as the #2 guy and Westbrook could be used as trade bait to bring in a true pass first PG or a stud big man. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-3, ORTG-2, DPPG-17, DRTG-11, APG-30, RPG-6

Chicago Bulls 

Superstar PG (top 7)-Derrick Rose
Stud-SF (3-8)-Luol Deng
Stud PF (11-15)-Carlos Boozer 
Great defensive C (7-10)-Joakim Noah
Solid role players: 
PF-Taj Gibson
C-Omer Asik (RFA)
SG by committee: 
Kyle Korver
Ronnie Brewer
Rip Hamilton 
backup PG-CJ Watson 
Need: Upgrade at SG, backup PG
BPA, shooter like Jenkins, D. Lamb or Fournier
Like most contenders, the Bulls don't need a lot of young talent. What they need is a solid starting SG that will compliment Derrick Rose in the backcourt.  The top free agent's available to fit that role are JR Smith, Jamal Crawford, OJ Mayo and Louis Williams.  All would need to take a very large pay cut to join the Bulls.  

Teams Stats: OPPG-5, ORTG-18, DPPG-1, DRTG-2, APG-5, RPG-1

Utah Jazz
Picks: 47
A very good young frontcourt: 
Stud C (2-6)-Al Jefferson
Stud PF (top 12)-Paul Millsap 
SF (9-15)-Gordon Hayward
Role players: 
PG (21-30)-Devin Harris
SG (26-30)- CJ Miles (UFA)
PF-Derrick Favors
2nd year guys: 
C-Enes Kanter 
CG-Alec Burks   
Need: A young PG and SG 
Options: BPA, trade up into first round 
 The Jazz improved enough to make the playoffs this year. Jefferson, Millsap, Hayward, Favors and Kanter make a great young frontcourt.  The problem is with their backcourt where they are lacking a play making PG.  They could try to trade Millsap for a stud PG but not many teams would give up a top 15 PG for just Millsap.  They could trade back into the first round to get Kendall Marshall in the 15-20 range.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-4, ORTG-6, DPPG-23, DRTG-19, APG-11, RPG-3

New York Knicks 

Star CF (3-8)-Carmelo Anthony 
Stud/star C/PF (top 10 when healthy)-Amare Stoudamire
Defensive POY C (2-7)-Tyson Chandler
2nd year SG and defensive specialist Iman Shumpert
Free agents: 
PG (16-20) Jeremy Lin
G/F-JR Smith
G/F-Landry Fields
CF-Seve Novak 
To decide if Melo and Stoudamire can co-exist and which free agents to keep 
Options: BPA
Synopsis: The Knicks are trying to build a contender.  However it appears that the offense struggles with spacing when Melo, Amare and Chadler are on the floor together.  Linsanity was big for about a month or two but then he got hurt before the playoffs.  Now the Knicks have many key free agent decisions to make so the future still remains unclear.  They did make a very smart move by retaining interim head coach Mike Woodson.  Woodson's emphasis on defense is something the Knicks need to compete in the physical Eastern Conference. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-11, ORTG-17, DPPG-11, DRTG-5, APG-18, RPG-18

Los Angeles Clippers
Picks: 53

Superstar PG (top 7)-Chris Paul
Young star PF (top 5)-Blake Griffin
Solid C (18-23)-DeAndre Jordan
Solid SF-Caron Butler (21-25)
Several free agent role players (all unrestricted): 
CG-Mo Willaims
SG-Nick Young
CG-Chauncey Billups
SG-Randy Foye
PF-Reggie Evans
C/F-Kenyon Martin
SF, frontcourt depth, resign as many guys as possible
The first year of CP3 and lob city was a huge success.  They have a nice core with CP3, Blake and Jordan.  Blake and Jordan both need to improve their game offensively for the Clippers to take the next step.  The Clippers front office will have plenty of work to do this summer with six key free agents. 

Teams Stats: OPPG-14, ORTG-4, DPPG-13, DRTG-18, APG-13, RPG-22

Brooklyn Nets
Picks: 57 

Star PG (top 7)-Deron Williams (UFA)
Good SF (9-15)-Gerald Wallace (UFA)
Good young C/PF (11-20)-Brook Lopez (RFA) 
Good PF (11-20)-Kris Humphries (UFA)
Solid young SG's-Marshon Brooks and Anthony Morrow.
Need: A true C, athletes and shooters that will feed off of Williams 
BPA, maybe trade into the first round
Synopsis: The Nets move to Brooklyn this summer with a ton of uncertainty but have a ton of hope.  The top four players from last year's roster are all free agents.  Because of this, the Nets currently only have 6 players on the books at around 13.7 million.  They will do everything in their power to convince the Orlando Magic to send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn in a deal that would likely include their three best young assets in Lopez, Brooks and Morrow.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-24, ORTG-23, DPPG-24, DRTG-28, APG-22, RPG-26

San Antonio Spurs 
Picks: 59

Star:  PG (top7)-Tony Parker
Stud 6th man/SG (3-7)-Manu Ginobili
Aging star C (2-7)-Tim Duncan (UFA)
Solid role players: 
2nd year man SF-Kawhi Leonard
G/F-Stephen Jackson
F/C-Boris Diaw (UFA)
SG-Danny Green (RFA) 
PF-DeJuan Blair
SG-Gary Neal (UFA) 
F/C-Matt Bonner
F/C-Tiago Splitter 
SG upgrade, backup C
The Spurs looked unstoppable towards the end of the season.  They swept both the Jazz and the Clippers and had a 2-0 series lead on the Thunder.  Then the wheels came undone with OKC winning four in a row.  Parker had a career year while Duncan remains a top 5 center even at age 36.  If Manu can stay healthy and the young role players continue to improve the Spurs should be right back in the thick of things once again.   

Teams Stats: OPPG-2, ORTG-1, DPPG-16, DRTG-10, APG-4, RPG-9

Los Angeles Lakers
Picks: 60 

Superstar SG (1 or 2)-Kobe Bryant
Star PF (top 10)-Pau Gasol
Stud/star C (2-5)-Andrew Bynum
Solid role players: 
SF (16-20)-Metta World Peace
PG (21-25)-Ramon Sessions (UFA)
CF-Matt Barnes (UFA) 
but very little depth 
SF and PG upgrade, depth everywhere, youth, athleticism and bodies 
Synopsis: The have looked old and tired in their past two postseason defeats.  With Kobe, Pau and the crew not getting any younger the time is now to upgrade the roster.  They should be active in trying to trade Pau or Bynum for another top tier star like Dwight Howard, JSmoove or Andre Igoudala. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-15, ORTG-10, DPPG-15, DRTG-14, APG-7, RPG-2

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