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This is the best of the best the NFL has to offer right now.  Three of my top ten (Brady, Brees and Woodson) are sure fire first ballot Hall of Fame guys.  I expect everyone else to become a future Hall of Fame player barring any sort of serious injury. Five of my top ten are still under the age of 30 with Ware turning 30 this summer.  The sky is the limit for these young superstars.  

In my top ten I have no RB's and my top four players are all QB's.  This is due to the passing era that we are in where QB's, pass rushers, receivers and defensive backs have such importance.  

I also decided not to have any players that missed most of 2011 in my top 100.  That is why Peyton Manning a Mario Williams are not on this list.  Ironically they were the top two free agents this off season. 

I also dropped guys like Andre Johnson, Matt Forte and Greg Jennings due to injuries.  All of those guys would have ranked 10-20 spots higher in a normal year at full strength.  I love my list and I think it is an accurate account of the top 100 players in the NFL today.  

Here's my TOP TEN:  

10. Charles Woodson-GB-CB #2 
Like a fine wine Woodson seems to get better with age.  At thirty five years old he tied for the league lead in interceptions with 7.  Over his 14 year career Woodson has been the most complete defensive back of this era.  He's played both corner and safety while playing in Oakland and Green Bay.  In his 13th season he finally became a Super Bowl champion.  Woodson has career totals of 684 tackles, 54 interceptions, 11 of which were returned for TD's.

2011Green Bay Packers15157462122.00177639.030T11
2010Green Bay Packers16169276162.001324824.048T15
2009Green Bay Packers1616746682.0018917919.945T34

9. Haloti Ngata-BAL-DT #1
After seven seasons, the twenty eight year old Ngata has proven to be the most dominant inside defensive lineman in the NFL.  He's better than VInce Wilfork now and up and coming Ndamukong Suh is still maturing into what Ngata is.  Ngata, along with pass rusher Terrell Suggs have replaced former superstars Ray Lewis and Ed Reed as the best players on the Ravens fearsome defense.  The only thing missing from the resume is a Super Bowl appearance/win.

2011Baltimore Ravens16166436285.005----0.0----2
2010Baltimore Ravens16156346175.5--5----0.0----0
2009Baltimore Ravens14133525101.5--1----0.0----1

8. Jared Allen-MIN-DE/PR #2
Allen was just a half a sack away of the NFL record of 22.5.  He was one of the only bright spots on a crappy Vikings team last year.  Allen is not just a one year wonder though.  He has 105 career sacks and has averaged 15.5 sacks for the past five seasons.  Not bad for a 4th round pick out of Idaho St.

2011Minnesota Vikings161666481822.01311414.01404
2010Minnesota Vikings161660451511.00624020.036T11
2009Minnesota Vikings16165143814.5141-4-4.0-405

7. Darrelle Revis-NYJ-CB #1
Welcome to Revis Island!!!  In just five seasons, Revis has proved to be the best man on man lock down cover corner since Deon Sanders.  While he won't return kicks or play offense like Deon.  However, Revis does something Prime Time could not, HIT.  He's a physical corner that can help in run when he's not shutting down the top wide receivers in the NFL.  

2011New York Jets16165241110.0021418446.0100T10
2010New York Jets1313322660.0--10----0.0----0
2009New York Jets1616544770.0031612120.267T10

6. Calvin Johnson-DET-WR #1
Megatron was beyond unstoppable in 2011.  He led all wide receivers in TD's and yards.  At 6-5/236 with 4.4 speed, he's the most physically dominant WR to ever play.  The scary thing is that he's still only twenty six years old and is just reaching his prime now.  His QB Matthew Stafford had a breakout year in 2011and now the Lions will look to take the next step as they have their eyes set on the Super Bowl in 2012.  

2011Detroit Lions1616961,68117.573T1611111.011011
2010Detroit Lions1515771,12014.587T124328.015010
2009Detroit Lions14146798414.775T577310.419032

5. DeMarcus Ware-DAL-OLB/PR #1
While Allen may have been the best rusher of last season, Ware has been the best pass rusher of the 21st century.  He's averaged 16.5 sacks the past four years and has 99.5 career sacks in his seven year career.  With three more seasons on a 16.5 sacks pace, he will be in the Top 5 all time in career sacks.  The Hall of Fame is in his future.  Cowboys fans hope a Super Bowl appearance is in his future as well.

2011Dallas Cowboys161658471119.5--2----0.0----2
2010Dallas Cowboys161666561015.501----0.0----2
2009Dallas Cowboys161557451211.0--6----0.0----5

4. Eli Manning-NYG-QB #4 
Eli is ELITE, Eli is a SUPERSTAR and Eli is now a two time Super Bowl MVP.  On the NFL Network players list they had him rated as the #31 best player in the league.  Did these guys not watch the Super Bowl or the playoffs?  Even critics now have to place Eli in the same class as Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Big Ben.  He's proven to be the best QB of the draft class of 2004.  While the other QB's of the 04 class (Big Ben and Phillip Rivers) have slightly regressed, Eli at the top of his game right now.

2011New York Giants161635958961.04,9338.429162819992.935150.4184
2010New York Giants161633953962.94,0027.431251611785.332702.2075
2009New York Giants161631750962.34,0217.927143021693.117653.80138

2011 postseason stats:

WKGame DateOppResultGGSCompAttPctYdsAvgTDIntSckSckYRateAttYdsAvgTDFUM
1801/08 ATLW   24-211233271.92778.73017129.32136.50--
1901/15 @ GBW   37-2011213363.633010.03115114.54102.50--
2001/22 @ SFW   20-1711325855.23165.42064982.31-2-2.001
2202/05 @ NEW   21-1711304075.02967.410314103.81-1-1.00----

3. Drew Brees-NO-QB #3
Super Bowl champion and MVP in 2009, set the NFL record for passing yards in a season last year, led the league in TD's last year and finished second in QB rating.  Oh by the way, he's embraced his role as a pillar in the New Orleans community and is the ultimate role model to pretty much any young player out there.  So why is Saints ownership not giving him a Tom Brady/Peyon Mannuing long term extension?  What more do you want this man to do?

2011New Orleans Saints161646865771.25,4768.3461424158110.621864.1111
2010New Orleans Saints161644865868.14,6207.033222518590.918-3-0.2092
2009New Orleans Saints151536351470.64,3888.5341120135109.622331.52106

2. Aaron Rodgers-GB-QB #2
The king of the Discount Double Check had another incredible year in 2011.  He had the best rating of any QB, and finished second to Brees in TD passes with 45.  Brees had 46 TD passes but threw 14 interceptions.  Rodgers threw only 6 pics to his 45 TD's.  That is an incredible 7.5 TD's for every interception.  With Brady, Brees and both Manning's over 30, it will soon be Rodgers' alone at the top of the NFL QB mountain.

2011Green Bay Packers151534350268.34,6439.245636219122.5602574.3340
2010Green Bay Packers151531247565.73,9228.3281131193101.2643565.6441
2009Green Bay Packers161635054164.74,4348.230750306103.2583165.45104

1. Tom Brady-NE-QB #1
Who else could you put over this NFL legend?  If he makes one more Super Bowl appearance he will be the only QB to start in six Super Bowls.  He was a Wes Welker drop away from joining Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only QB's to win four Super Bowls.  All Brady does is win a produce.  He led his team to a 13-3 record and yet another Super Bowl appearance in 2011.  Only Brees had more passing yards and only Brees and Rodgers had a better QB rating.  Brady has helped turn Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski into stars.  This year the Patriot offense adds speedster WR Brandon Lloyd to join with Welker, Gronk and versatile TE Aaron Hernandez.  Anything but another Super Bowl appearance in 2012 but be a let down for Brady and New England.  In my eyes he's still the best player in the NFL until proven otherwise.  If he wins leads the Patriots to another Super Bowl win, he could and should be considered the greatest QB of all time!

2011New England Patriots161640161165.65,2358.6391232173105.6431092.5362
2010New England Patriots161632449265.93,9007.936425175111.031301.0131
2009New England Patriots161637156565.74,3987.82813168696.229441.5142

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