Wednesday, May 23, 2012


46. Matt Ryan-ATL-QB #8
He needs to win a playoff game and win on the road to be considered elite.  Julio Jones should have a breakout year in 2012 allowing Matty Ice to be even better.  His numbers will keep improving but he needs to win in January to be in the Rodgers, Manning category, otherwise he will be Tony Romo part 2.   

2011Atlanta Falcons161634756661.34,1777.429122617392.237842.3253
2010Atlanta Falcons161635757162.53,7056.52892315891.0461222.7043

47. Greg Jennings-GB-WR #7
Despite being injured at the end of the season, Jennings is still a top tier WR.  In Green Bay's offense the ball is spread evenly between all of Aaron Rodgers weapons.  Jennings is the still the key piece to it though.  Expect even better numbers in 2012.

2011Green Bay Packers13136794914.279T9--------------
2010Green Bay Packers1616761,26516.686T121-1-1.0-1020
2009Green Bay Packers1613681,11316.483T4--------------

48. Hakeem Nicks-NYG-WR #8
Victor Cruz may have led the team in yards, catches and TD's in the regular season but Nicks was the star of the playoffs.  Look at his playoff average for the four games:  111 ypg, 7 catches and 1 TD.  His 10 catch  Super Bowl game was MVP worthy.

2011New York Giants1515761,19215.7687--------------
2010New York Giants1312791,05213.346T11----------10

WKGame DateOppResultGGSRecYdsAvgLngTDAttYdsAvgLngTDFUMLost
1801/08 ATLW   24-211611519.272T2--------------
1901/15 @ GBW   37-2011716523.666T2--------------
2001/22 @ SFW   20-171155511.0150--------------
2202/05 @ NEW   21-17111010910.9190----------10

49. Jason Peters-PHL-OT #2 
The Eagles as a team may have underachieved but Peters was once again dominant.  He made his fifth straight Pro Bowl and made his fourth All Pro team in the past five years.  He once again proved why he is among the best offensive lineman in the NFL.  

50. Ed Reed-BAL-FS #2
The future first ballot Hall of Famer clearly lost a step in 2011, however he still is worth of at least a spot in the top 50.  He will probably rank much higher in the actual NFL top 100 based on reputation.  This is the highest I can rank him with his declining production and aging body.

2011Baltimore Ravens1616524481.0--83258.31601
2010Baltimore Ravens1010373070.0--16818322.94401
2009Baltimore Ravens1212504280.005311137.052T13

51. Steve Smith-CAR-WR #9 
Smith's reemergence was a big reason for Cam Newton's rookie success.  Both players put up huge numbers in 2011.  Smith nearly tripled his production from 2010 after many critics were saying he was washed up.  

2011Carolina Panthers1616791,39417.677T76569.323032
2010Carolina Panthers14144655412.0392199.09032

52. Logan Mankins-NE-G #2 
The Patriots offense keeps rolling and Mankins is the best player on their O-Line and remains one of the top Guards in he league.

53. Jordan Gross-CAR-OT #3
Gross is as consistent of an offensive lineman in the league as one will find out there.  Cam Newton didn't have to worry about his blind side much in 2011 with Gross protecting him

54. John Abraham-ATL-DE/PR #9
Another year, another high sack total for Mr. Abraham.   Abraham now has 112 career sacks.  He just turned 34 so time is running out for his hopes at winning a Super Bowl.  Abraham keeps doing his part, it's up to the rest of the Falcons defense to step up.

2011Atlanta Falcons15153525109.5--2----0.0----4
2010Atlanta Falcons15134035513.0--4166.0602

55. Jahri Evans-NO-G #3
Carl Nicks and Evans gave the Saints the top offensive line in 2011.  Now with Nicks off to Tampa, the pressure will be on Evans to step up.

56. Dwayne Bowe-KC-WR #10
Bowe isn't flashy, he isn't a diva and he plays in a small market.  Those are the reasons he never gets the credit he deserves as a top tier WR.  However his production is solid year in and year out.

2011Kansas City Chiefs1614811,15914.352T511212.012010
2010Kansas City Chiefs1616721,16216.175T15144.04010

57. Michael Roos-TN-OT #4
He made his third All Pro team in four years thus establishing himself as one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL.

58. Jason Witten-DAL-TE #3 
While he's not the Gronk/Graham receiving TE threat he may be the best all around TE in the league.  He blocks, runs great routes and his production is still very solid.   

2011Dallas Cowboys16167994211.9645----------10
2010Dallas Cowboys1616941,00210.7339----------11
2009Dallas Cowboys1616941,03011.0692--------------

59. Elvis Dumervil-DEN-DE/PR #10
After being injured all of 2010, Dumervil bounced back to his old form with a 9.5 sack season.  He and Von Miller took the Broncos defense to another level getting them to the playoffs.  He should be back in double digit sack territory in 2012.

2011Denver Broncos14144231119.5--1----0.0----0
2009Denver Broncos16144942717.0--3----0.0----4

60. Frank Gore-SF-RB #7
Gore was finally healthy for a full season last year and ended up finishing sixth in the league in rushing.  He is still the most important players in the 49ers ball control running attack.    

2011San Francisco 49ers16152821,2114.3558171146.713022
2010San Francisco 49ers11112038534.2643464529.841242
2009San Francisco 49ers14142291,1204.980T10524067.848342

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