Monday, June 13, 2011

NBA Draft Team Needs-Teams with Lottery Picks

Cleveland Cavaliers
1, 4, 32, 54
A solid PF-JJ Hickson and a good vet PG-Baron Davis to mentor a young PG
Need: Absolutely anything and everything
Options: Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter, trade #4 pick with 12 million dollar trade exception, Euro big at #4
Synopsis: Contrary to what owner Dan Gilbert will have you believing, losing LeBron was devastating for this franchise. But now the Cavs have both the first and fourth picks along with a 12 million dollar trade exception via LeBron. Irving may not be a superstar like LeBron, but he's the best option and learning under Davis for a few years will help him a lot. They could trade the number 4 pick or hope that Williams/Kanter falls there. If they are both off the board and they keep the pick I wouldn't be surprised if they took a Euro big.

Minnesota Timberwolves
2, 20
Have: A plethora of young forwards, the best of which is Kevin Love, they also hope Ricky Rubio can become the PG of the future
Need: C, defensive SG, depth everywhere
Options: Kanter or trade down, SG or best player available at 20.
Synopsis: If the TWolves cannot trade down they better draft Kanter. He's better than Darko and would be a solid compliment to Love, Michael Beasley and Wesley Johnson up front.

Utah Jazz

Picks: 3, 12
Have: A very good young frontcourt with C-Al Jefferson, PF-Paul Millsap and SF-Gordon Hayward 
Need: A young PG and SG, some depth up front
Options: Irving, Brandon Knight, Kanter/ Williams then get a PG at 12. Trade down
With two lottery picks and an already solid young core, the Jazz are ahead of the curb in the rebuilding process. I think Knight is a perfect fit in Utah but the Jazz could go with Kanter and then hope Jimmer or Kemba is still available at 12. Williams is an option as well but I don't think he's a good fit. I think it makes the most sense to draft Knight and groom him as the PG of the future then take a Euro big or top SG like Klay Thompson or Alec Burks at 12. The Jazz are in a nice spot here.

Toronto Raptors
Have: A stud PF who is playing out of position at center in Andrea Bargnani and solid young SG-Demar DeRozan, PF-Ed Davis who was solid at the end of his rookie year
Need: True center, PG, depth on the wings
Options: Kemba Walker, Knight/Irving if they slip, trade up for Kanter, use 9 million dollar trade exception via Chris Bosh, stay put and take Kawhi Leonard or a Euro big
Synopsis: The Raptors have a lot of needs but only one pick here. Ideally they would love for Kanter to slip to them. That would allow them to move Bargnani to PF, however it's unlikely to happen. They could reach for a Euro big or draft the best player on the board which will likely be Kemba. No matter what happens the Raptors are a few years from getting back in the playoffs.

Washington Wizards 
Picks: 6, 18, 34
Good young PG-John Wall, solid SG-Nick Young, a good backup combo guard-Jordan Crawford who came on very strong for them at season's end and solid PF-Andray Blatche Need: Help everywhere up front
Options: Jan Vesely, Leonard, trade up for Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, package the 18 and 34 picks to move back up into the lottery
Synopsis: Unlike the teams picking ahead of them, the Wizards don't need a PG. They took Wall last year and he had a good rookie season averaging 16.4, 8.3 and 4.6. The Wiz need to surround Wall with athletic players who can shoot the ball well. Kanter and Vesely are great fits while Leonard would be an excellent defensive presence for a team that gave up over 104 points per game last year.

Sacramento Kings
5, 35, 60
Have: Two stud combo guards in Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton, however they never really played much together and neither is a true point, also have C/F DeMarcus Cousins coming off of a good rookie season
Need: SF, depth everywhere, must decide if Evans is a PG and if they will re-sign C-Samuel Dalembert
SF's-Leonard, Vesely or even Chris Singleton or PG's-Knight, Kemba or Jimmer
Synopsis: The Kings may be playing in Sacramento for the last time this up coming season. They seem to be at crossroads with their rotation as well as their location. A lot of people have them taking Kemba at 7. While I love Kemba's game I don't like him as a fit with Evans and Thornton. Just like Evans and Thornton, Kemba is a creator who NEEDS the ball in his hands to be effective. Jimmer would make more sense here but I think the Kings need to upgrade at SF. Francisco Garcia is a 2, Omri Casspi wants to be traded and Donta Greene is average at best. There are plenty of solid SF's in this class that can help the Kings on the defensive side of the ball. They have scorers, what they need is defenders and high percentage shooters. So Kemba is not what they need.

Detroit Pistons 

Picks: 7, 33
Have: A solid young offensive big who came on strong at the end of his rookie season in Greg Monroe, a solid combo guard in Rodney Stuckey and a bunch of vets who could be used as trade bait to add more younth to this rebuilding team.
Need: A true point man, a defensive big to compliment Monroe, youth on the wings
Tristan Thompson, Leonard, Knight if he falls, Kemba or Jimmer could be options as well
A lot of mock drafts have the Pistons taking a foreign big like Bismack Biyombo or Valanciunas but I would be very surprised if GM Joe Dumars left the states to get a big to the motor city. Leonard would be a perfect fit as a Piston with his great defense, length and toughness. Tristan Thompson is undersized but likes to do the dirty work as well. If Knight falls to them though it will be hard for Dumars to pass up on a kid who has a very similar skill set to Chauncey Billups.

Charlotte Bobcats 

Picks: 9, 19, 39
Very good SG-Stephen Jackson, a solid yet undersized PG-DJ Augustin
Everything up front, they probably have the worst frontcourt in the league, they also need scorers, they were 29th in scoring with only 93.3 points per game
Marcus Morris, Tristan Thompson, Leonard if he slips, draft a stud SG that can score-Burks or Klay Thompson
Synopsis: If the Bobcats are sold on Tristan or Marcus Morris they should take one of them. However there is a great deal of depth at the forward position and they can get a very similar talent such as Jordan Hamilton, Tobias Harris, or even Marcus' brother Markieff at 19. So drafting a scoring 2 like Klay or Burks might be the smarter move at 9. The Bucks are high on both players so maybe another team will move ahead of the Bucks to draft one of them.

Milwaukee Bucks

10, 40
Have: A very good C-Andrew Bogut, PG-Brandon Jennings and SG-John Salmons, However none of these three players is a true star
A true scorer and a true star player on the wing.
Burks, Klay Thompson, Donatas Motiejunas, trade up for Williams
Synopsis: The Bucks were dead last in the league in scoring last year at 91.9 points per game. So adding a scorer should be priority one in Milwaukee. All of the 4 prospects I have listed above would make a lot of sense. Both Klay and Burks averaged over 20 per game last year in college while Motiejunas is a sharp shooter in the Toni Kukoc/Bargnani mold. Williams has a similar game to former Buck Glenn Robinson but if the Bucks were to trade up to get him, he better give more effort than the "Big Dog" ever did.

Golden State Warriors

11, 44
A stud SG-Monta Ellis (for the time being, with a ton of trade rumors swirling around him), good PG-Stephen Curry, good F/C-David Lee, and a solid wing in Dorell Wright
DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE and some toughness, also it will be interesting if they do indeed trade Ellis what type of player they get in return
Singeton, Marcus Morris, Tristan Thompson, Biyombo
Synopsis: The Warriors can score in bunches but they can't defend and they are known as being a 'soft' team. They are taking steps on getting a little tougher. Last year they drafted a defensive F/C in Ekpe Udoh and they recently hired Mark Jackson to be their coach. Jackson played under Pat Riley in New York in the mid-90's so he knows a thing or two about defense. Jackson wants Ellis to stay but it may be a smart move to trade him as long as they get an athletic wing in return (Andre Iguodala, Luol Deng or Rudy Gay have all been mentioned in rumors). Regardless of what happens with Ellis, the Warriors should take the best player available at 11, preferably a player who can have a major impact on the defensive side of the ball

Phoenix Suns

A star PG-Steve Nash, two solid vet wings in Vince Carter and Grant Hill. Three young role playing bigs who compliment each other nicely-Channing Frye, Marcin Gortat, and Robin Lopez. Also Jared Dudley is a nice player of the bench
Youth and depth everywhere. Nash is 37, Hill is 38 and Carter is 34. Time is ticking on the careers of these 3 players and it would be hard to imagine the Suns going from missing the playoffs to making a Mavs like run to a title without adding a star up front. There are some solid bigs up front in this year's class but no one that can put a team over the hump.
Options: Best player on the board, plenty of options at 13 but no game changers but then again the number 13 pick did produce Kobe Bryant (1996) and Karl Malone (1985) so the Suns might get lucky.
Synopsis: The Suns obviously need a lot of help up front ever since Amare left, however if a player like Jimmer or Kemba falls to them it will be a hard to pass up. A year or two learning from the best passer of this generation will do wonders for either of them. The Suns have a lot of decisions to make about the future as Nash and Hill are a combined 75 years old and Vince Carter is no spring chicken either. Next season will be make or break in the valley of the sun

Houston Rockets

14, 23, 38
A stud SG-Kevin Martin and PF-Luis Scola, some very good role playing guards and wings
Need: A Center (Yau is done) and all around depth
Euro/foreign big-Valanciunas, Biyombo or Motiejunas. Or they could take a forward here and take Nikola Vucevic at 23
Synopsis: The Kevin McHale era is underway in Houston. Scola plays the PF position a lot like McHale did in the 8o's on the Celtics. The thing McHale doesn't have on this roster is a superstar like Larry Bird or a center like Robert Parish. Yao's injuries have ruined his once promising career and it's time to move on in Houston. The Rockets can draft a Euro big and develop him but McHale will also have pressure to win right away so the pick here will be a very interesting decision.

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