Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On The Block: The 10 Players Most Likely To Be Traded

The draft is coming. Free Agency is coming. With the off-season and the draft looming, major trades of key players are eminent. Last year some of the key players that were traded around draft time included Shaq (PHO to CLV), Vince Carter (NJ to ORL), and Richard Jefferson (MIL to SA).

So here are my top 10 guys that might get shipped this off-season:

1. Michael Beasley-MIA-SF/PF-6-10/235-21 years old

Contract: 2 years left-11.22m (rookie contract)

Possible destinations:
Beasley has a ton of talent and is very young so he should have some good market value. However it has become clear that in two years in Miami he hasn't lived up to expectations and isn't the ideal compliment to DWade. The Heat are trying to win right now and need some veterans to compliment Wade. If they were to get rid of Beasley's 4.96 million owed to him next year they would have room to sign two impact free agents this off-season.

2. Anthony Randolph-GS-SF-6-10/210-20 years old

2 years left-4.88m (rookie contract)
Possible destinations: MIN, SAC, Utah, WAS
Like Beasley, Randolph is still very young and has limitless potential. In two years with the Warriors he has been good when he's been healthy. He's missed 68 games the past two years. The Warriors are pretty set on the wings with Monta Ellis and Cory Maggette but need tons of help on the inside and while he's a decent rebounder, Randolph is no power forward. Randolph absolutely dominated the Las Vegas Summer League last year. His length and skill set will be appealing to many teams.

3. Mo Williams-CLV-PG-6-1/190-27 years old
3 years left-26.3m
Possible destinations: NY, IND, TOR
The Cavs have already gotten rid of their coach and GM. Their starting point guard could be next. Williams still has a ton of value and comes at a reasonably low price. The Cavs will do ANYTHING to entice LeBron to stay. The Cavs could package Williams with Anthony Parker and/or Jamario Moon who both have expiring contracts and get and upgrade at one of the guard spots. The problem is that the teams most in need of an upgrade at the point (MIA,NY, IND, TOR) don't have much to offer Cleveland. New York would be a great fit for Williams though. It's all about keeping King James in Cleveland and everyone is on the trade block.

4. Samuel Dalembert-PHL-C-6-11/250-29 years old

1 year left-12.91m
Possible destinations: OKC, SA, HOU
While the 76ers would do pretty much anything to unload the 3 years and 51.18m left on Elton Brand's contract (including trading the #2 pick), the likelihood of them being able to trade him is minimal. There is a much better chance that they are able to unload Dalembert's expiring contract sometime this summer. Dalembert is a shot blocker and good rebounder who would fit well on a team that already has scorers. The 76ers could package him along with either Louis Williams or Willie Green and get some young help up front.

Kirk Hinrich-CHI-PG-6-3/190-29 years old
2 years left-17m
Possible destinations: IND, MIA, CLV
The Bulls will not make any moves until 1) They make their draft pick (#17). 2) They know where that LeBron guy will be playing next year. If the Bulls were to draft a sharpshooting guard like Xavier Henry, James Anderson, or Dominique Jones and then they were able to sign King James, both Hinrich and Loul Deng become expendable. Deng has 4 years and over 51 million left on his contract, so he'll be hard to trade. Hinrich comes at a much better value. Hinrich is a point guard and with so many teams needing help at the most important position on the basketball court he could be a good trade commodity.

Tayshaun Prince-DET-SF-6-9/215-30 years old
1 year left-11.15m

Possible destinations: any team trying to save money for the summer of 2011

Mr. durability (didn't miss a game from 03-09) was injured for almost half the season last year. Prince is still young enough to contribute for a good 4-5 years and is entering the last year on his contract. He's on a team that's in rebuilding mode. If he isn't an ideal trade candidate then I don't know who is.

7. Andrei Kirilenko-Utah-F-6-9/225-29 years old
1 year left-17.82m
Possible destinations: any team trying to save money for the summer of 2011

Everything I said about Prince could be said about Kirilenko as well. Expiring contract, decent age, good role player, etc. The key difference is that AK47 is due 6 million more next year than Prince. The Jazz have already prepared for life without Boozer and it doesn't appear that AK47 is in the long term plans either. He's played his whole career in Utah but could be out of there come next year.

8. Spencer Hawes-SAC-7-1/245-22 years old
1 year left-2.97m (rookie contract)
Possible destinations: DAL, MIN, DET, ATL
If DeMarcus Cousins is available at #5, the Kings should jump at the chance to get him. They would then have Hawes, Jason Thompson and Carl Landry up front. Many teams would love to have a young, cheap 7 footer with a good offensive game. If Dallas viewed Marcin Gortat as a starter last summer then they should view Hawes as a possible star. The Kings still need help on the wings and could use some of their bigs as trade bait. Thompson and Landry could also be shipped as well but more teams are in need of a true center than a power forward.

9. Hedo Turkoglu-TOR-SF-6-10/220-31 years old
4 years left-43.8m
Possible destinations: POR, SAC, ATL
All of a sudden we're hearing all these Hedo trade rumors. I don't know what to think. A year ago he was so happy to be in Toronto and now he wants out after one bad season. Last year he almost signed with Portland and would compliment Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldrige very well. Some rumors have him going back to the Kings and they have a major need at small forward. Anything can happen if a player truly wants out of a town.

Ricky Rubio-FC Barcelona (MIN has draft rights)-PG-6-4/190-19 years old
Possible destinations: NY, MIA, ATL, LAC, PHL

What about Ricky? I continue to believe that Rubio will never play a game in a Timberwolves uniform. So when and where will the young boy wonder end up playing in the NBA? My guess is as good as anyone's.

Don't be shocked if these stars/best player's on their current team are dealt:

Monta Ellis-GS-SG-6-3/180
Al Jefferson-MIN-F/C-6-10/265
Tony Parker-SA-PG-6-2/180

I've also heard a lot of rumors about the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum. The Lakers are not going to trade a 7 foot 22 year old who is just now beginning to reach his potential and stardom. I would be SHOCKED if he were traded, but hey it's the NBA. Impossible is nothing.

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