Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NCAA: Team Tiers

(4) The Big 4-All have only one loss.-Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova, Kentucky

(7) Next Level Contenders-West Virginia, Purdue, Georgetown, Kansas St., Texas, Michigan St., Duke

(6) Underrated/Under The Radar-BYU, Ohio St., New Mexico, Temple, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech

(3) Who's #2 In The SEC?-Tennessee (16-4, 4-2), Vandy (16-4, 5-1), Ole Miss (16-5, 4-2)

(6) Ranked/High RPI Mid Majors-Gonzaga (#13-coaches), Butler (#15-coaches), No. Iowa (#22-coaches), Cornell (#25-coaches), Rhode Island (RPI-11), Xavier (RPI-22)

(6) The Jury Is Still Out-

Pittsburgh (lost 3 of 4 after beating Syracuse, Cincinnati and UConn all on the road)

Wake Forest (great wins @Gonzaga, Richmond and Xavier, but have been blown out on the road by 20 to Duke and by 19 to Georgia Tech)

Clemson (lost 3 of 4 and have a RPI-36)

UAB (good record, 18-3 and good RPI-27, but need to win at Memphis this week to prove they are the best team in C-USA)

FSU (solid RPI-29, plus they swept Georgia Tech but still have some work to do)

UNLV (16-4, RPI-41, I like them, but they really need to beat BYU at home on Saturday)

(4) Very Good 2nd Tier Big 12 Teams-Baylor, OK St., Texas A&M, Mizzou

(3) The Atlantic 10 Bubble List-Richmond (16-6, RPI-35), Dayton (15-6, RPI-38), Charlotte (16-5, RPI-43)

(4) Good on the Computer, Not So Good In Real Life-

California (RPI-24, 14-7 with 3 losses in the sorry PAC 10)

St. Mary's (RPI-33, 18-3 but lacks a win over any really good team0

Texas Tech (RPI-39, 14-7 and 2-5 in the Big 12)

San Diego St. (RPI-42, 13-6 but 2-5 vs. RPI top 100 teams)

(5) How the mighty have fallen (All of these teams were #1 or #2 seeds last year)-
Louisville, UConn, UNC, Memphis, Oklahoma

(7) Inconsistent Major Conference Bubble Teams-Maryland, Florida, Northwestern, Minnesota, S. Carolina, Mississippi St., Illinois

(7) They better win their conference tournament to feel safe-Siena, Wichita St., Utah St., Tulsa, UTEP, Nevada, Kent

(6) Deep Big East Bubble-Cincinnati, USF, Seton Hall, Marquette, Notre Dame, St. John's

(4) Is the Colonial a one-bid league, or do they get 2?-Old Dominion, William & Mary, Northeastern, VCU

(3) Deep Deep ACC Bubble-Virginia Tech, Miami, Virginia

(5) The PAC 10 is terrible (chances are only one or none of these teams ends up making the dance)-
Arizona, Washington, Arizona St., Washington St., USC
NOTE: The 2 Arizona schools play at the 2 Washington schools this week.

There you have it 80 teams who have some shot of making the tournament as an at-large. We've got 5 more weeks of the regular season in most conferences so that means about 10 more games for each team. A LOT can happen in that period of time.

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