Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NBA Power Rankings-(2/10/10)

1. LAL(40-13)-I know the Cavs have the better record, but the Lakers are still the champs until proven otherwise. Plus it looks like Kobe is coming back sooner than later.

2. CLV (42-11)-12 straight wins and are unbeatable at home.

3. DEN (35-17)-After Chauncey destroyed the Lakers on Friday night, a let down at Utah was only natural. They followed that by destroying Dallas by 36 Tuesday night.

4. Utah (32-18)-Have now won 9 in a row including two wins over Portland and a win over Denver.

5. ORL (35-17)-When the Magic are shooting well, they are almost unstoppable.

6. ATL (33-17)-It looks like the Hawks and the Magic will battle for the Southeast division title until the last week of the season.

7. OKC (30-21)-If they were in the Southwest they would win the division. If Kobe,LeBron, and Melo weren't in the NBA Kevin Durant would be the MVP.

8. POR (30-24)-Despite the injuries they are still in the hunt for the Northwest division title.

9. PHO (30-21)-Nash and Amare will be the only two teammates starting in the All-star game. The question is will they still be teammates after the trade deadline?

10. TOR (28-23)-Clearly the 5th best team in the East, Chris Bosh deserves some MVP votes.

11. BOS (32-17)-Their collapse against the Magic on Sunday shows how poorly they've played against the good teams in the NBA.

12. DAL (32-20)-Looked absolutely pitiful against the Nuggets on Tuesday night. Dirk is the man, but the supporting cast needs to step up.

13. SA (29-21)-Expect another 1st round series loss in San Antonio this year.

14. HOU (27-24)-Good record but I'm not 100% sold yet. They get a week to prepare for the red hot Jazz next Tuesday.

15. CHI (25-25)-Rose, Noah, and Deng are a good trio but will they add another piece before the trade deadline?

16. CHAR (25-25)-If Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson aren't the best wing duo in the league, they certainly are the most athletic and toughest.

17. MEM (26-25)-Have lost 4 straight games after a great win against the Lakers.

18. MIL (23-27)-With Miami struggling, the time is now for Milwaukee to step up.

19. NO (27-25)-The Chris Paul injury is starting to settle in as the Hornets are 1-4 this month.

20. MIA (25-27)-Finally snapped a 5 game losing streak on Tuesday night. Lack of a presence down low is hurting.

21. PHL (20-31)-Amare rumors won't go away. It would be interesting to see how Amare and Allen Iverson would gel together.

22. NY (19-32)-First David Lee gets an All-star snub. Then LeBron beats the Knicks by himself on Saturday. Maybe Nate Robinson will win the dunk contest to give Knicks fans something positive to think about.

23. LAC (21-30)-The coach lost control of the team. The team stinks regardless of who's coaching.

24. IND (18-34)-Danny Granger is good. The Pacers are not.

25. DET (18-32)-Imagine if they drafted Carmelo Anthony in 2003. I think they would be defending at least their 3rd title this year.

26. SAC (17-34)-Tyreke Evans is still my ROY, but the Kings playoff hopes have faded into the sunset.

27. WAS (17-33)-First they play terrible, then the Gilbert Arenas gun charge, and now the snowstorm. DC just can't get a break.

28. MIN (13-39)-On the bright side they have won 4 of 5 including a win at Dallas on Saturday.

29. GS (13-37)-Monta Ellis scores a ton of points almost every game, but the result is still usually a loss for the Warriors.

30. NJ (4-47)-On pace to be one of the worst teams in NBA history!!! I'm sorry but 4-47 deserves 3 exclamation points.

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