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For this year's draft I decided to do my team needs based on the type of team they are.  In my opinion we have five different types of teams out there.
(5)THE CONTENDERS (pretty self explanatory): MIA, SA, OKC, CHI (with a healthy Derrick Rose) and IND
(5) THE GOOD BUT NOT GREAT PERENNIAL PLAYOFF TEAMS (good teams with veteran stars/core):  MEM, LAC (if CP3 leaves then they will be a transition team), DEN, NY, BRK
(5) THE  UP AND COMERS (young teams with young cores led by a star 27 or under, they should become contenders or perennial playoff teams soon): GS, HOU, POR, MIN, TOR
(7) TRANSITIONING TEAMS (these teams have MAJOR decisions this summer on whether to rebuild or try to make another playoff run with a veteran team, all of these teams best or second best player is a free agent this summer):  ATL, LAL, BOS, UTAH, MIL, DAL, PHL
(8) REBUILDING (self explanatory, all these teams have top 8 picks and have young cores, some like CLV, WAS and DET  have a stud to build around, others will look to this year's draft and the 2014 draft to get a star to build around

Notes: Projected 2013 Salary cap is 58.5 million, number next to position is the range the player ranks in the NBA in regards to his position.

Minnesota Timberwolves 
9, 26, 52, 58 
Star PF (top 5) Kevin Love 
Good C (9-16) Nikola Pekovic
Good yet often injured PG (21-26, with 7-15 potential) Ricky Rubio 
Good SF (11-17) Andrei Kirilenko
Role Players: 
CF-Derrick Williams, 
CG-Luke Ridnour
PG-JJ Berea 
Need: SG that can take scoring pressure off of Love
Options: Trade up for Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore, at #9 CJ McCollum or Kentavious Caldwel Pope
Synopsis: Love is becoming a superstar. Pekovic was the breakout stud last year while Williams played well at PF when Love was hurt. Rubio is nice when healthy. The TWolves are a team on the rise that just needs one more piece to become a playoff team. They need an athletic SG that can score.  If they have to trade Williams to get him, it will be worth it. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-20, ORTG-25, DPPG-16, DRTG-13, APG-16, RPG-14
2013 Cap $$$: 47.89 or 45.19 if they waive Greg Stiemsma (13.31 under) 
Key Free Agents: Pekovic (restricted) 

Portland Trail Blazers
Picks: 10, 39, 40, 45

Star PF (top 10)-LaMarcus Aldridge
Rookie of the Year PG (9-16) Damien Lillard  
Good SF (4-10) Nicolas Batum (RFA)
Solid SG (12-18) Wes Matthews
Role Players: 
F/C (17-24) JJ hickson
2012 #11 pick C-Myers Leonard 
PG-Eric Maynor
Need: Offensive big man, DEPTH everywhere
Cody Zeller, CJ McCollum, Trey Burke, MCW, KCP 
Synopsis: Portland has one of the best young trios in the league with Aldridge, Batum and Lillard. All can score and create their own shot. The three also play very well together.  The problem is that they played too many minutes and were winded at the end of games. Portland had arguably the worst bench in the NBA last year. Whoever gets picked at #10 will be expected to make an immediate impact next season. Even the second round picks this year will have a very good chance to make the roster. 
Team Stats: OPPG-15, ORTG-15, DPPG-21, DRTG-26, APG-18, RPG-24
2013 Cap $$$: 44.64 (13.86 under) 
Key Free Agents: Hickson, Maynor (restricted), Luke Babbit 

Houston Rockets
Star SG (1-3) James Harden
Good young SF (4-10) Chandler Parsons
Good C (9-16) Omer Asik
Solid PG (17-20) Jeremy Lin 
Role Players: 
SF-Carlos Delfino
SG-Francisco Garcia
2012 #18 pick CF-Terrance Jones 
PG-Patrick Beverly 
Need: C/PF
Options: BPA
Synopsis: What a difference a year makes. The Rockets won 11 more games in 2013 than they won in 2012. They earned a trip to the playoffs and are one of the best young teams in the game. The additions of Harden, Lin and Asik were an incredible success. Parsons had a breakout season and has the best value of any contract in the NBA (925,500 next season for a top 12 SF!!!). The Rockets will go all in on Dwight Howard this summer. It should be very interesting 
Team Stats: OPPG-2, ORTG-6, DPPG-28, DRTG-16, APG-6, RPG-7
2013 Cap $$$: 38.06 (20.44 under) 
Key Free Agents:  Delfino, Garcia 

Golden State Warriors 

An emerging star PG (5-8)-Stephen Curry
Good PF (6-10)-David Lee
Great young SG (7-11) Klay Thompson
Good C (11-20 when healthy)-Andrew Bogut
2012 #7 pick SF (already 11-17 with top 5 potential) Harrison Barnes 
Role Players: 
Top 5 6th man PG-Jarrett Jack 
PF-Carl Landry
2012 #35 pick CF-Draymond Green 
2012 #30 pick C-Festus Ezeli
 PG and PF in case Jack and Landry leave 
No picks
Synopsis:  Coach Mark Jackson has succeeded in changing the culture in Cali. The Warriors went from being a soft team to a tough, defensive team that can hit a ton of open shots with the splash brothers' Curry and Thompson.  This team may need to trade David Lee for a better young PF (Kevin Love or LeMarcus Aldridge anyone!!!) to become a true title contender.  It will be nearly impossible to keep both Jack and Landry 
Team Stats: OPPG-7, ORTG-11, DPPG-11, DRTG-14, APG-4, RPG-3
2013 Cap $$$: 71.68 (13.18 over) 
Key Free Agents: Jack, Landry  

Toronto Raptors 
Stud SF (4-10) Rudy Gay
Good PG (17-20) Kyle Lowry 
Solid PF (16-20) Amir Johnson 
Solid young SG (12-18) Demar DeRozan 
2011 #5 pick C (26-30) Jonas Valinciunas
F/C (11-15 when healthy) Andrea Bargnani 
Role Players: 
SG-Alan Anderson
G/F-Landry Fields 
2012 #8 pick SG-Terrence Ross 
Need: Depth everywhere 
Options: Trade Bargnani for a pick 
Synopsis: The Raptors are now a good young team with the addition of Rudy Gay.  In Gay they have wing that can average 20 per night.  Kyle Lowry played better once they traded Jose Calderon. They need a lot of improvement for Valinciunas and DeRozan to become a playoff team. They will try to trade Bargnani this summer (maybe on draft night for a late 1st rounder) 
Team Stats: OPPG-16, ORTG-13, DPPG-13, DRTG-22, APG-20, RPG-28
2013 Cap $$$: 65.88 (7.5 over) 
Key Free Agents:  none 

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