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For this year's draft I decided to do my team needs based on the type of team they are.  In my opinion we have five different types of teams out there.
(5)THE CONTENDERS (pretty self explanatory): MIA, SA, OKC, CHI (with a healthy Derrick Rose) and IND
(5) THE GOOD BUT NOT GREAT PERENNIAL PLAYOFF TEAMS (good teams with veteran stars/core):  MEM, LAC (if CP3 leaves then they will be a transition team), DEN, NY, BRK
(5) THE  UP AND COMERS (young teams with young cores led by a star 27 or under, they should become contenders or perennial playoff teams soon): GS, HOU, POR, MIN, TOR
(7) TRANSITIONING TEAMS (these teams have MAJOR decisions this summer on whether to rebuild or try to make another playoff run with a veteran team, all of these teams best or second best player is a free agent this summer):  ATL, LAL, BOS, UTAH, MIL, DAL, PHL
(8) REBUILDING (self explanatory, all these teams have top 8 picks and have young cores, some like CLV, WAS and DET  have a stud to build around, others will look to this year's draft and the 2014 draft to get a star to build around

Notes: Projected 2013 Salary cap is 58.5 million, number next to position is the range the player ranks in the NBA in regards to other starters at their position

Philadelphia 76ers
Picks: 11, 35, 42

Good PG (9-16) Jrue Holiday
Good PF (13-15) Thaddeus Young 
Good C (top 10 when healthy) Andrew Bynum
Good SF (11-17) Evan Turner 
Role Players: F/C-Spencer Hawes
SG/SF-Dorrell Wright 
SG Nick Young
F/C-Lavoy Allen 
Need: Scoring, C, SG, backup PG 
Options: Cody Zeller, Steven Adams, CJ McCollum, Trey Burke, Kentavious Caldwell Pope
Synopsis: The 76ers regressed a lot in 2012.  They failed to make the playoffs and head coach Doug Collins was let go.  This is a young and talented team that needs mature leadership, not a guy like Andrew Bynum.  They should let Bynum walk in free agency and build around Jrue Holiday.  They finished DEAD LAST in the league in scoring, so finding someone that can put the ball in the basket is a necessity.    
Teams Stats: OPPG-30, ORTG-26, DPPG-10, DRTG-15, APG-11, RPG-20
2013 Cap $$$: 45.43 (13.07 under) 
Key Free Agents: Bynum, Wright, Young, Damien Wilkins 

Dallas Mavericks 
13, 44

Star yet aging PF (top 10) Dirk Nowitzki
Good SF (11-15)-Shawn Marion
G/F (good 6th man) Vince Carter
Role Players: 
SG (12-18)OJ Mayo
C (25-30) Chris Kaman
PF-Elton Brand
PG (25-30) Darren Collison
SF-Jae Crowder
PG-Mike James 
Need: PG, C
Trade out of 1st round or Euro Stash player
Synopsis: The Mavs are going all in on a top free agent this summer.  Dwight, CP3, JSMoove and Al Jefferson are all targets on owner Mark Cuban's hot list.  The Mavs may pick at #13, but there's probably a 80% chance they trade out of the first round. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-8, ORTG-14, DPPG-27, DRTG-19, APG-5, RPG-15
2013 Cap $$$: 27.89 (30.61 under) 
Key Free Agents: Mayo (player option), Kaman, Brand, Collison (restricted), James

Utah Jazz
Picks: 14, 21, 46
A very good young frontcourt: 
Stud C (9-16) Al Jefferson
Stud PF (13-15) Paul Millsap 
SF/SG (good 6th man) Gordon Hayward
Role players: 
PF-Derrick Favors
PG (27-30) Mo Williams 
2011 #3 pick  C-Enes Kanter 
2011 #12 pick CG-Alec Burks  
SG (21-30) Randy Foye
SF (24-30) Marvin Williams 
Need: A young PG and SG 
Options: Shane Larkin, Dennis Schroeder, trade up for Michael Carter Williams or Trey Burke
 The Jazz have some big decisions to make this summer.  I expect them to let Jefferson and Millsap leave.  They already have Favors and Kanter waiting at the 4 and 5 spots.  This team needs a PG in the worst way.  Larkin should be there at #14.  If they want MCW or Burke, they'll likely need to trade up.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-13, ORTG-10, DPPG-15, DRTG-21, APG-9, RPG-5
2013 Cap $$$: 25.33 (33.17  under) 
Key Free Agents: Jefferson, Millsap, Williams, DeMarre Carroll, Foye

Milwaukee Bucks 
 15, 43 
Stars/Building Blocks: 
Stud SG (4-6) Monta Ellis
Good C (9-16) Larry Sanders 
Solid PG (21-26) Brandon Jennings
Solid role players: 
PF (16-20) Ersan Ilyasova (UFA)
SG (6th man) JJ Redick
SF(24-30) Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
G/F-Mike Dunleavy 
2012 #15 pick PF-John Henson
 Jamal Franklin, Shabazz Muhammed or best player available   
Synopsis: The Bucks traded young player Tobias Harris to the Magic for JJ Redick.  Because of that trade, they could use an upgrade at SF.  Mbah a Moute isn't goood enough.  Larry Sanders broke out in a big way last year.  Ilyasova and rookie John Henson were solid so the Bucks don't need much up front.  With their top 3 guards all free agents, the Bucks have a major need there.  
Team Stats: OPPG-12, ORTG-22, DPPG-20, DRTG-12, APG-9, RPG-5
2013 Cap $$$: 29.55 (28.95 under) 
Key Free Agents: Ellis (PO-will opt out), Jennings (restricted), Redick, Samuel Dalembert
Boston Celtics 

Star PG (top 8) Rajon Rondo 
Aging star SF (4-10) Paul Pierce
Aging star PF/C (top 12) Kevin Garnett (UFA)
Role Players: 
SF and good 6th man-Jeff Green 
SG-Courtney Lee
PF (21-25)Brandon Bass
CG-Jason Terry 
SG (24-30) Avery Bradley
2012 #21 pick  PF-Jared Sullinger 
Need: C/F depth, backup PG, SG
Shane Larkin, Dennis Schroeder, BPA 
Synopsis: Head coach Doc Rivers is going to the Clippers.  KG and Pierce may soon follow.  GM Danny Ainge will be a busy man this summer. WIll Jeff Green be the #1 scoring option next season? The draft is important but not as important as the franchise altering decisions that may follow in July.
Teams Stats: OPPG-18, ORTG-24, DPPG-12, DRTG-7, APG-15, RPG-29
2013 Cap $$$: 76.03 (17.53 over) 
Key Free Agents: None

Atlanta Hawks

Picks: 17, 18, 47, 50

Star PF (top 10) Josh Smith
Stud F/C (top 8) Al Horford 
PG (17-20)-Jeff Teague
Role Players: 
SF (11-17)Kyle Korver 
SG-Lou Williams (was hurt most of last season)
CG (12-18 as SG) Devin Harris
C-Zaza Pachulia
SG-DeShawn Stevenson
Need: C, SF, SG
Mason Plumlee, GA the Greek, KCP, Tim Hardaway Jr. 
Synopsis: The Hawks are a solid team that can't seem to make the jump out of the first round in the playoffs. Smith AKA JSmoove is a free agent this summer.  He is probably headed to Dallas or Houston. Horford is a stud but would prefer a switch to his natural position at the 4.  What they do in the draft may predict what they plan to do in free agency.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-14, ORTG-18, DPPG-13, DRTG-10, APG-2, RPG-23
2013 Cap $$$: 22.49 (36.01 under) 
Key Free Agents: JSmoove, Korver, Harris, Pachulia 

Los Angeles Lakers
Picks: 48

Superstar SG (1-3)-Kobe Bryant
Star C (top 3 when healthy) Dwight Howard 
Star PF (top 10)-Pau Gasol
Solid role players: 
SF (11-17)-Metta World Peace
Former star PG-Steve Nash
SF-Earl Clark
PF-Antawn Jamison
Need: YOUTH EVERYWHERE, athletic defenders on the wings 
Synopsis: The Kobe, Dwight, Pau and Nash experiment failed miserably last year.  Now Kobe is injured Nash will be 40 by the time Kobe is healthy and the Dwightmare continues.  Do the Lakers build around Dwight?  Do they do the unthinkable and amnesty Kobe?  Decisions, decisions in Lakerland this summer 
Teams Stats: OPPG-6, ORTG-9, DPPG-22, DRTG-20, APG-17, RPG-4
2013 Cap $$$: 75.88 (17.38 over) 
Key Free Agents: Howard, Clark, Jamison

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