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For this year's draft I decided to do my team needs based on the type of team they are.  In my opinion we have five different types of teams out there.
(5)THE CONTENDERS (pretty self explanatory): MIA, SA, OKC, CHI (with a healthy Derrick Rose) and IND
(5) THE GOOD BUT NOT GREAT PERENNIAL PLAYOFF TEAMS (good teams with veteran stars/core):  MEM, LAC (if CP3 leaves then they will be a transition team), DEN, NY, BRK
(5) THE  UP AND COMERS (young teams with young cores led by a star 27 or under, they should become contenders or perennial playoff teams soon): GS, HOU, POR, MIN, TOR
(7) TRANSITIONING TEAMS (these teams have MAJOR decisions this summer on whether to rebuild or try to make another playoff run with a veteran team, all of these teams best or second best player is a free agent this summer):  ATL, LAL, BOS, UTAH, MIL, DAL, PHL
(8) REBUILDING (self explanatory, all these teams have top 8 picks and have young cores, some like CLV, WAS and DET  have a stud to build around, others will look to this year's draft and the 2014 draft to get a star to build around

Notes: Projected 2013 Salary cap is 58.5 million, number next to position is the range the player ranks in the NBA in regards to other starter at their position.

Brooklyn Nets
Picks: 22 

Star PG (5-8)-Deron Williams
Good young C (Top 8)-Brook Lopez 
Good SG (4-6) Joe Johnson
Role Players: 
SF (11-17) Gerald Wallace 
PF (21-25) Reggie Evans
6th man F/C-Andray Blatche
CG-CJ Watson
PF-Kris Humphries
SG-MarShon Brooks 
Need: Shooting wings, backup C 
Kentavios Caldwell-Pope, Sergey Karasev,Tim Hardaway Jr., Glen Rice Jr. and Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng, Rudy Gobert, Tony Mitchell  
Synopsis: The Nets move to Brooklyn was pretty successful. They mad a big trade for Joe Johnson last year which had mixed results. In Deron, Lopez and Johnson they Nets have a great scoring trio. They really can't do anything in free agency. It will be interesting to see if they even keep their 1st rounder.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-17, ORTG-8, DPPG-6, DRTG-17, APG-27, RPG-10

2012 Cap $$$: 86.34 (27.84 over, highest salary on the books for next year)  
Key Free Agents: Blatche

New York Knicks 

Star CF (Top 3 as PF, 3-5 as SF) Carmelo Anthony 
Stud Defensive C (Top 10) Tyson Chandler
6th Man of the Year SG-JR Smith
Good PG (9-16) Raymond Felton 
Role Players: 
G/F defensive specialist (18-23 as both SF and SG) Iman Shumpert
Recently retired Jason Kidd was starting SG last season 
F/C-Amare Stoudamire
PF-Chris Copeland
CF-Steve Novak
PG-Pablo Prigioni 
C/F-Kenyon Martin
Need: SG, backup C 
Options: Kentavios Caldwell-Pope, Sergey Karasev,Tim Hardaway Jr., Tony Mitchel, Glen Rice Jr., Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng, Rudy Gobert 
Synopsis: The Knicks are interesting and relevant once again. Melo and Smith can score but they struggled in the playoffs.  I don't know if the Knicks will ever have enough physical players to handle playoff battles with the Heat, Pacers and Bulls.   
Teams Stats: OPPG-11, ORTG-3, DPPG-7, DRTG-18, APG-30, RPG-26
2012 Cap $$$: 75.67 (17.17 over) 
Key Free Agents: Smith, Copeland (restricted), Prigioni, Martin 

Los Angeles Clippers
Picks: 25

Superstar PG (top 7) Chris Paul
Young star PF (top 10) Blake Griffin
Very good 6th man CG-Jamal Crawford 
Role Players: 
Solid C (17-24)-DeAndre Jordan
Solid SF (18-23) Caron Butler
SF-Matt Barnes 
CF-Lamar Odom 
Good Young PG-Eric Bledsoe
CG-Chauncey Billups
SG (worst starter in the league with PJ Tucker of PHO) Williw Green 
Recently retired Grant Hill was key rotation player 
Need: SG, backup C, younger SF  
Kentavios Caldwell-Pope, Tony Mitchell Sergey Karasev,Tim Hardaway Jr., Glen Rice Jr., Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng, Rudy Gobert 
The Clippers will do everything in thier power to keep CP3. They are off to a good start by getting arguably the best head coach in the NBA Doc Rivers. They need a major upgrade at SG and could get a little young at SF as well. They had too many 30+ role players last season. It was evident in the Memphis series that they didn't have enough athletes on the wings. 

Teams Stats: OPPG-9, ORTG-4, DPPG-4, DRTG-8, APG-4, RPG-18
2012 Cap $$$: 47.63 (10.87 under) 
Key Free Agents: CP3, Odom, Barnes 

Denver Nuggets 

Great Stud SG (4-6) Andre Iguodala 
Good young PG (8-13) Ty Lawson
Good SF (4-10 when healthy) Danilo Galinari
Role Players: 
2011 #22 pick PF (13-15) Kenneth Faried
Great backup PG-Andre Miller 
SF-Wilson Chandler
C (17-24) Kosta Koufos 
F/G and defensive specialist-Corey Brewer
C-JaVale McGee 
2012 #20 pick SG-Evan Fournier
Need: Euro Stash 
Rudy Gobert, Sergey Karasev, GA the Greek, Livio Jean-Charles 
Synopsis: New head coach Brian Shaw inherits a talented and very deep team. They will continue to be an uptempo team with the talent on the roster. Shaw will be in charge of making the defense better. Andre Iguodala AKA Iggy will opt out but plans to sign an extension for about 11 mill per season. This unfortunately means they will have to let Brewer go via free agency.  
Teams Stats: OPPG-1, ORTG-5, DPPG-23, DRTG-11, APG-3, RPG-2

2012 Cap $$$: 52.53 with Iggy opting out (5.97 under) 
Key Free Agents: Iggy, Brewer 

Memphis Grizzlies
Picks: 41, 55, 60
C (was arguably the best center in the league last year)-Marc Gasol
PG (5-8)-Mike Conley
PF (top 10)-Zach Randolph
Role Players: 
Defensive specialist SG (7-11)-Tony Allen
SF (18-23) Tayshaun Prince
6th man CG-Jerryd Bayless
SF-Quincy Pondexter
PF-Darrell Arthur
Need: Scoring Wings 
Options: BPA, of course good defensive players that fit their system, may trade up into the 1st round for a SG or SF like Tony Snell or Tim Hardaway Jr.   
Synopsis: The Grizzlies went 
Teams Stats: OPPG-27, ORTG-17, DPPG-1, DRTG-2, APG-24, RPG-11
2012 Cap $$$: 59.68 if Bayless opts out (1.18 over) 
Key Free Agents: Allen, Baylees (PO) 

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