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For this year's draft I decided to do my team needs based on the type of team they are.  In my opinion we have five different types of teams out there.
(5)THE CONTENDERS (pretty self explanatory): MIA, SA, OKC, CHI (with a healthy Derrick Rose) and IND
(5) THE GOOD BUT NOT GREAT PERENNIAL PLAYOFF TEAMS (good teams with veteran stars/core):  MEM, LAC (if CP3 leaves then they will be a transition team), DEN, NY, BRK
(5) THE  UP AND COMERS (young teams with young cores led by a star 27 or under, they should become contenders or perennial playoff teams soon): GS, HOU, POR, MIN, TOR
(7) TRANSITIONING TEAMS (these teams have MAJOR decisions this summer on whether to rebuild or try to make another playoff run with a veteran team, all of these teams best or second best player is a free agent this summer):  ATL, LAL, BOS, UTAH, MIL, DAL, PHL
(8) REBUILDING (self explanatory, all these teams have top 8 picks and have young cores, some like CLV, WAS and DET  have a stud to build around, others will look to this year's draft and the 2014 draft to get a star to build around

Notes: Projected 2013 Salary cap is 58.5 million, number next to position is the range the player ranks in the NBA in regards to starters at their position.

Oklahoma City Thunder 
Picks: 12, 29, 31

Superstar SF (#2) Kevin Durant
Superstar PG (top 5) Russell Westbrook
Role players:  
Defensive specialist SG (7-11) Thabo Sefolosha 
Very Good 6th Man SG-Kevin Martin 
PF (6-10) Serge Ibaka
C (17-24) Kendrick Perkins
C-Nick Collison
CG-Reggie Jackson
PG-Derrick Fisher 
2012 #12 pick SG-Jeremy Lamb
Upgrade at  C, wings that can shoot 
At #12-Steven Adams, Cody Zeller, Lucas Nogueira, at #30-Sergev Karasev, Tony Snell, Reggie Bullock 
Synopsis: The Thunder went from finals hopeful to second round exit due to Russell Westbrook's injury. Durant is a superstar but proved that he clearly needed Westbrook's help in the postseason. They traded James Harden to Houston for Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb, Now Martin is a free agent and the team is unsure if Lamb is ready to step up. The Thunder may amnesty or trade overpaid big man Kendrick Perkins. Most mocks have the Thunder going big to find an eventual replacement for Perkins. 
Teams Stats: OPPG-3, ORTG-1, DPPG-9, DRTG-4, APG-21, RPG-6
2013 Cap $$$: 67.79 (9.29 over) 
Key Free Agents Martin 

Chicago Bulls 
20, 50

Superstar PG (top 5 when healthy) Derrick Rose
Great Defensive C (top 8) Joakim Noah 
Stud-SF (4-10) Luol Deng
Stud PF (11-13)-Carlos Boozer 
Great role players: 
PF-Taj Gibson
CG (24-30 as starting PG) Kirk Hinrich 
SF-Jimmy Butler
PG-Nate Robinson 
SG (24-30) Rip Hamilton 
SG-Marco Belineli 
 Need: Upgrade at SG, more scoring, backup C
Options: Kentavios Caldwell-Pope, Sergey Karasev,Tim Hardaway Jr., Tony Mitchel, Glen Rice Jr., Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng, Rudy Gobert 
Synopsis: The Bulls look scary if Rose can return to 100%. They have the size up front and length on the wings to give the Heat and Pacers fits in the playoffs. No the only worries are Noah's planter faciatis and finding a starting SG.      
Teams Stats: OPPG-29, ORTG-23, DPPG-3, DRTG-6, APG-8, RPG-8
2013 Cap $$$: 77.99 (19.49 over) 
Key Free Agents: Robinson, Belineli  

Indiana Pacers
Picks: 23, 53
Stud SF (#3) Paul George 
Stud C (Top 8) Roy Hibbert 
Good PF (Top 10) David West 
Role Players
Good PG (9-16) George Hill
Good/Solid SG (7-11) Lance Stephenson 
Good (when healthy) SF-Danny Granger
PG-DJ Augustin
PF-Tyler Hansborough
CF-Sam Young 
G/F-Gerald Green 
Need: Depth everywhere especially at PG and SG 
Options: Kentavios Caldwell-Pope, Sergey Karasev,Tim Hardaway Jr., Tony Mitchel, Glen Rice Jr., Allen Crabbe, Mason Plumlee, Gorgui Dieng, Rudy Gobert 
Synopsis: The Pacers and coach Frank Vogel continue to progress in the Eastern Conference. They took eventual NBA Champs the Miami Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now the Pacers need to draft an instant impact guy and resign West to a 3 year deal at around 11 mill per season.      
Teams Stats: OPPG-13, ORTG-7, DPPG-10, DRTG-9, APG-29, RPG-4
2013 Cap $$$: 48.99 (9.51 under) 
Key Free Agents: West, Augustin, Hansbrough (restricted) 

San Antonio Spurs 
Picks: 28, 58

Superstar PG (best in the league last season) Tony Parker
Aging star C/F (2-7) Tim Duncan (UFA)
Solid role players: 
2011 #15 pick Stud SF (4-10) Kawhi Leonard
6th man G/F-Manu Ginobili 
Good SG (7-11)Danny Green 
Solid C (17-24) Tiago Splitter 
SG-Gary Neal 
F/C-Matt Bonner
F/C-Boris Diaw 
backup wings in case manu leaves 
The Spurs let the NBA title slip out of their hands in game 6. But don't feel too sorry for a franchise that has won at least 50 games every year in the Tim Duncan era. The Spurs always get professional, talented guys that fit their system. Tony Parker is the best PG in the NBA and Kawhi Leonard looks like a star in the making (my Scottie Pippen comparison two years ago looks pretty accurate) http://mrmattssportsblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/nba-draft-position-breakdown-combo.html

Teams Stats: OPPG-4, ORTG-11, DPPG-7, DRTG-3, APG-1, RPG-21
2013 Cap $$$: 41.67 (16.83 under) 
Key Free Agents: Ginobili, Splitter

Miami Heat
Picks: none 

The big three superstars: 
SF (#1, MVP of the league) LeBron James
SG (1-3) Dwayne Wade
PF/C (top 10) Chris Bosh
Very solid role players: 
PG (9-16) Mario Chalmers 
Sharpshooting SG-Ray Allen
Defensive specialist/sharpshooter CF-Shane Battier 
F/C (21-25)-Udonis Haslem
PG-Norris Cole 
F/G-Mike Miller 
C-Chris Andersen 
F/G-James Jones
C-Joel Anthony 
Need: Big Man Free Agent
Options: Big Man free agents
LeBron James and the big three went back to back for another NBA Title!!! Now expectations will continue to be high in sunny South Florida  If the Heat want to three-peat they may need to amnesty Mike Miler. The Heat sruggled against the size of  The Bulls and Pacers will only get better.  

Teams Stats: OPPG-5, ORTG-2, DPPG-5, DRTG-9, APG-7, RPG-30
2013 Cap $$$: 89.46 (27.96 over) 
Key Free Agents: Allen (PO), Andersen 

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