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For my 61-80 I basically divided the players into two groups:  61-70 as you'll notice are players that had down years in 2011 but have been superstars before.  71-80 are young stars that may only be one year wonders or may turn out to be even bigger stars in the future.

Struggling Star Vets:  

61. Nnamdi Asmugha-PHL-CB #4
He had a down year learning and adjusting to Philly's defense.  Hopefully he will improve in his second year in Philly and be back in the top 25 players, where he belongs.

2011Philadelphia Eagles1615403550.0--53103.3600
2010Oakland Raiders1414191720.0--6----0.0----0

62. Jake Long-MIA-OT #5
He had a down year in 2011.  I considered him the best left tackle in football in 2010, but now I am starting to have some doubts.  Long is a stud as a run blocker but his pass blocking needs to improve to be a 1st team All-Pro once again.

63. Steven Jackson-SL-RB #8
He is such a tough player and has played on so many bad teams that you really feel sorry for him.  Will it be too late in his career before he gets to play for a contender?

2011St. Louis Rams15152601,1454.447T5423337.950121
2010St. Louis Rams16163301,2413.842T6463838.349011

64. Clay Matthews-GB-OLB/PR #11
From superstar to super average.  Matthews was the victim of constant double teams with no one else on the Packers as a legitimate pass rush threat.

2011Green Bay Packers15155037136.00934715.738T13
2010Green Bay Packers15156054613.50416262.062T12

65. Chris Johnson-TN-RB #9
From CJ2K to barely CJ1K.  Johnson was frustrating to Tennessee fans and even more to fantasy owners last year. Will he get back to superstar status or has he already topped off?

2011Tennessee Titans16162621,0474.048T4574187.334031
2010Tennessee Titans16163161,3644.376T11442455.625132

66. Tony Romo-DAL-QB #9
He had a solid 2011 but not as good as 2009 or the start of 2010 when he looked as good as any QB in the league.  Cowboys fans are getting frustrated with Romo's inability to perform in clutch situations and his playoff struggles.

2011Dallas Cowboys161634652266.34,1848.0311036227102.522462.1163
2010Dallas Cowboys6614821369.51,6057.511774194.96386.30----
2009Dallas Cowboys161634755063.14,4838.22693419697.6351053.0164

67. James Harrison-PIT-OLB/PR #12
Injuries and a reputation as a 'dirty' player disrupted what should have been a good 2011 for Mr Harrison.

2011Pittsburgh Steelers11115948119.0--0----0.0----2
2010Pittsburgh Steelers1616100703010.5--5221.0206

68. Phillip Rivers-SD-QB #10
He's still a top 10 QB despite a disastrous year in 2011.  He lost his top receiver Vincent Jackson this off season, therefore another year of struggling is possible in 2012.

2011San Diego Chargers161636658262.94,6247.927203019888.726361.4195
2010San Diego Chargers161635754166.04,7108.7301338227101.829521.8074

69. Dwight Freeney-IND-DE/PR #13 
He is not the superstar he was a couple of years ago, but he's still worthy of the top 100 even if Indy was terrible last year.

2011Indianapolis Colts1615191368.5--0----0.0----2
2010Indianapolis Colts16162521410.0--2----0.0----5

70. Justin Tuck-NYG-DE/ PR #14
While his 2011 numbers don't blow you away, the double teams he caused allowed Jason Pierre Paul to roam free and become a top pass rusher.  Tuck also was HUGE for the G-Men in the playoffs.

2011New York Giants12113726115.0--3----0.0----1
2010New York Giants161676482811.5--4----0.0----6

These are the guys that broke out in a big way,  are they one year wonders or future superstars?  

71. Earl Thomas-SEA-FS #3
One of the best young defensive backs in the game.  He's very underrated and unknown to the common fan because he plays in Seattle.  The scary thing is that he's still only 23 years old.

2011Seattle Seahawks16169869290.0--72199.51101
2010Seattle Seahawks16167664120.00756813.63401

72. Cam Newton-CAR-QB #11 
Cam had one of the, if not the greatest rookie season of any rookie QB.  A few more wins would have got him in the top 40.  But his numbers don't lie, he's a star in the making.

2011Carolina Panthers161631051760.04,0517.821173526084.51267065.61452

73. Victor Cruz-NYG-WR#11
If you had Cruz on your fantasy team you probably won your title.  The Giants had him on their team and won the Super Bowl.  The second year WR came out of no where to finish 3rd in the league in receiving yards.  Read the stats, he had zero career catches before last season.

2011New York Giants167821,53618.799T9133.03011
2010New York Giants30------------------------

74. Geno Atkins-CIN-DT #5
Another second year player who broke out last year.  He was the best player on the Bengals defense that finished 7th in total defense.  His 7.5 sacks were a team high as well.

2011Cincinnati Bengals16154726217.502----0.0----2
2010Cincinnati Bengals161161063.0--1----0.0----0

75. Von Miller-DEN-OLB/PR#15
Contrary to popular belief, it was the Broncos defense not just Tim Tebow that got Denver to the playoffs and Miller was the best player on that defense.

2011Denver Broncos151564501411.5--4----0.0----2

76. Chris Myers-HOU-C #3
You are never too old to have a breakout season.  Well it wasn't really a breakout season for Myers who is 30, it was more of a 'finally getting the credit he deserves season.'  That's what winning does.  He was the best offensive lineman on a Texans team that made their first playoff appearance ever last year.

77. NaVorro Bowman-SF-ILB#5
Patrick Willis is still the best ILB on the 49ers (and in the league) but Bowman had a breakout year where he put up better numbers than Willis and help lead them to the NFC title game.

2011San Francisco 49ers1616143111322.0--8----0.0----0
2010San Francisco 49ers161463880.0--0----0.0----0

78. Patrick Peterson-ARZ-CB #5
He is on this list mainly because of his four punt returns for touchdowns.  His defense is still a work in progress but with his physical skills and playmaking ability, he should be a top shutdown corner very soon.   He's without question already on the Devin Hester/Josh Cribbs level as a return man.

2011Arizona Cardinals1616645951.0013210.5100

79. Chris Long-SL-DE/PR #16
Some were starting to wonder if the #2 pick of the 2008 draft was going to end up being a bust.  A 13 sack season erased doubts about Long's ability and potential to be a star in this league.

2011St. Louis Rams16163731613.0--2----0.0----1
2010St. Louis Rams1616292638.5--3----0.0----3

80. Brian Orakpo-WAS-OLB/DE/PR #17
What can I say. I love pass rushers.

2011Washington Redskins16165934259.0--5----0.0----3
2010Washington Redskins15155636208.5--2----0.0----1
2009Washington Redskins161650371311.0--2----0.0----1

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