Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Final Mock Draft

My Final Mock Draft with the projected trade

First Round

1. CLV-Kyrie Irving-PG Duke-Fr.
He's pretty much a lock as the top pick in the draft right now. A year or two learning under veteran baron Davis should be very good for his development. Now the question becomes, do the Cavs keep or trade the #4 pick?
2. MIN-Enes Kanter-C-Turkey-INT.
Until a trade is made I'm going with Kanter here over Wiliams.
3. Utah-Derrick Williams-SF-Arizona-So
I like Brandon Knight but it appears that if Williams is here he just might be too good to pass up. The fact that he's a combo forward will help him in Utah where he can back up both PF-Paul Millsap and SF-Gordon Hayward
4. CLV-Jonas Valanciunas-C-Lithuania-INT.
The Cavs will wait and see with the project from Europe. Hey you can't teach size and he's a legit 7 footer.
5. TOR-Brandon Knight-PG-Kentucky-Fr.
The Raptors get a pick and roll point guard that can shoot to pair with Andrea Bargnani
6. WAS-Jan Vesely-CF-Czech Republic-INT.
It's Vesely or Leonard here. I think they like Vesely a little. They still may trade up to get Kanter or Williams.
7. CHR-Tristan Thompson-PF-Texas-Fr.
The Bobcats move ahead of the Pistons to assure themselves that they get a the top
8. DET-Kemba Walker-PG-UConn-Jr.
Rumors have Kemba slipping and the Pistons taking a big like Bismack Biyombo. With Tristan off the board it's either Kemba or Kawhi GM Joe Dumars will make a big mistake if he passes on Kemba.
9. CHR-Klay Thompson-SG-WSU-Jr.
Klay gives the Bobcats exactly what they need, a quality shooter. He's easily the best shooter in the draft not named Jimmer. They should go big at 7 and guard at 9.
10. SAC-Jimmer Fredette-PG-BYU-Sr.
Jimmer is simply a better fit in Sacramento than Kemba. Jimmer's shooting ability would compliment Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins very well.

11. GS-Kawhi Leonard-SF-San Diego St.
Alec Burks is tempting but Kawhi is too good to pass up here.

12. Utah-Alec Burks-SG-Colorado-So.
The Jazz would be thrilled if Burks slips all the way to them. They have a good young core but have a major need at shooting guard. He's not as good of a shooter as klay but he's a better playmaker and slasher. Plus he's got prototypical size (6-6/193) to play the 2 in the NBA
13. PHO-Marcus Morris-PF-Kansas-Jr.
The Suns need help at PF. Morris can help fill some of the scoring void left by Amare.
14. HOU-Chris Singleton-SF-FSU-Jr.
The Rockets need a center but Singleton is too good to pass up here. He can fill the void on defense left since they got rid of Shane Battier. Sngleton should be get 25-30 minutes per game from day one.
15. IND-Bismack Biyombo-C-Congo-INT.
Project big man to backup Roy Hibbert and Psycho T
16. PHL-Markieff Morris-PF-Kansas-Jr.
Philly kid gets to play for the hometown team.
17. NY-Kenneth Faried-PF-Morehead-Sr.
The Knicks were sitting at home watching what Udonis Haslem gives the Heat (defense, rebounding and toughness). Like the Heat the Knicks have the stars, Amare, Melo and will look to get a top tier point like CP3, DWill or Tony Parker soon. Faried grew up near New York and like Udonis he can be the back bone for an already very talented team.
18. WAS-Marshon Brooks-SG-Providence-Sr.
If the Wizards go small forward at number 6 they could go shooting guard at number18. Brooks is a great scorer and shooter and would fit very nicely playing along side a playmaker like John Wall. He'd also be insurance in case Nick Young left via free agency.
19. Donatas Motiejunas-PF-Lithuania-INT. 7-0/224
The Bucks liked him at 10, they'll really like him at 19
20. MIN-Darius Morris-PG-Michigan-So.
Insurance, in case the Ricky Rubio experiment is not a success. Morris can play the point but is also big enough to defend shooting guards so if Minnesota takes him, he can play alongside Rubio as well.
21. POR-Tobias Harris-SF-Tennessee-Fr.
Point blank the best player on the board. Harris isn't flashy but has top 15 talent. He does all the little things well. Portland is a good young team with a very good core. Adding quality role players will be crucial to how far they go in the playoffs the next few years.
22. DEN-
Jordan Hamilton-SF-Texas-Jr.
Best player available, an absolute steal in the twenties
23. HOU-Nikola Vecevic-C-USC-Jr.

A slight reach. But Vucevic's standing reach (7-5) along with his wingspan (7-5) and size (7-0/265) make him a solid pickup for a team in desperate need of a starting center.
24. OKC-Iman Shumpert-CG-Georgia Tech-Sr.
A solid backup for Westbrook and Harden, he could also make Thabo expendable. Someone will take him in the first round, he's too big and athletic to slip
25. BOS-Tyler Honeycutt-SF-UCLA-So.

Jeff Green is a restricted free agent and may leave to get more playing time and money elsewhere. Honeycutt is undersized (6-8/187) and will need time to develop. Playing alongside and learning from future Hall of Famer's Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will do him well in the long run.
26. DAL-Reggie Jackson-CG-Boston Coll.-Jr.
Jason Kidd isn't getting any younger and I'm not sold on Rodrigues Beaubois and Nick Calathes. Jackson was a scorer in college. He'll need to improve his point guard skills to have success at the next level.
27. NJ-Kyle Singler-SF-Duke-Sr.
Can have the same effect that Kyle Korver has for the Bulls. The Nets already have a franchise point in Deron Williams and top tier center in Brook Lopez. They need more compliment pieces who can shoot and play smart. That's exactly what Singler will bring to whatever team drafts him.
28. CHI-Nikola Mirotic-PF-Montenegro-INT.

The Bulls have tow first round picks and it's unlikely that they'll keep both of them. If they can't trade one then they'll draft a Euro like Mirotic and store him overseas for a year or two.
29. SA-
Davis Bertans-SF-Latvia-INT.
He's the best shooter in Europe. He's only 19 years old and will need time to develop

30. CHI-Shelvin Mack-CG-Butler-Jr.

Mack may be undersized but he can come off the bench and score from day one. The Bulls will try to get a shooting guard that can score via a trade this offseason. Mack can be a solid backup shooting guard as a rookie and can hopefully turn into a backup point guard as well

Second Round

MIA-Nolan Smith-CG-Duke-Sr.
32. CLV-Justin Harper-PF-Richmond-Sr.
33. DET-Jeremy Tyler-C/F-USA-INT.
34. WAS-Trey Thompkins-PF-Georgia-Jr.
35. SAC-Jimmy Butler-SF-Marquette-Sr.
36. NJ-Malcolm Lee-SG-UCLA-Jr.
37. LAC-JuJuan Johnson-PF-Purdue-Sr.
38. HOU-Josh Selby-SG-Kansas-Fr.
39. CHR-Norris Cole-PG-Cleveland St.-Sr.
40. MIL-Jon Leuer-PF-Wisconsin-Sr.
41. LAL-Andrew Goudelock-SG-Coll. of Charleston-Sr.
42. IND-Charles Jenkins-CG-Hofstra-Sr.
43. CHI-Jordan Williams-PF-Maryland-So.
44. GS- Chandler Parsons-SF-Florida-Sr.
45. NO-David Lighty-SG-Ohio St.-Sr.
46. LAL-Jereme Richmond-SF-Illinois-Fr.
47. LAC-Keith Benson-C/F-Oakland-Sr.
48. ATL-Greg Smith-C-Fresno St.-So.
49. MEM-
Jamie Skeen-PF-VCU-Sr.
50. PHL-Brad Wannamaker-CG-Pittsburgh-Sr.
51. POR- Demetri McCamey-PG-Illinois-Sr.
52. DEN-E'Twuan Moore-SG-Purdue-Sr.
53. ORL-Ben Hansborough-PG-Notre Dame-Sr.
54. CLV-Malcolm Thomas-PF-San Diego St.-Sr.
55. BOS- Isiah Thomas-PG-Wshington-Sr.
56. LAL-Julyan Stone-PG-UTEP-Sr.
57. DAL-
Gary Flowers-SF-Southern Miss-Sr.
58. LAL-Travis Leslie-SG-Georgia-Jr.
59. SA-Matthew Bryan-Amaning-PF-Washington-Sr.
60. SAC-Rick Jackson-PF-Syracuse-Sr.

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