Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enes Kant be worse than Darko

A few youtube videos including the Nike Hoop Summit where Enes Kanter dominated against top American talent is all I need to see to know that he already is and will be much better than Darko Milicic.

What should the Minnesota Timberwolves do with the number 2 pick in the draft? Kyrie Irving looks to be a lock as the number one pick in Cleveland. The TWolves would love to trade the pick a get a star veteran. However if they are unable to make a big trade before draft day then what do they do?

Combo forward Derrick Williams may be the best player on the board but center Enes Kanter should be the pick. Minnesota already has a ton of solid options at both forward spots so drafting another one would make very little sense.

Let's look at the TWolves roster (I have the roster ranked from best player to the worst)

PF: Kevin Love
CF: Michael Beasley
PG: Luke Ridnour
SF: Wesley Johnson
CF: Anthony Randolph
SF: Martell Webster
C: Darko Milicic
SG: Wayne Ellington
PG: Jonny Flynn
F/C: Anthony Tolliver
C: Nikola Pekovic
add in PG Ricky Rubio coming over from Spain who the TWolves hope will be better than Ridnour.

Five of their six best players are forwards. Even if they make a trade and get rid of two of those forwards, Williams will still struggle for minutes. He also has no true position which I don't feel is a big deal but is bad thing in Minnesota. They already have 3 tweeners in Beasley, Randolph and Johnson.

Kanter is a true center who loves to bang inside but can also step outside and hit a 15 footer. He already has a NBA body (6-11/260) at only 19 years of age. I compare him to Al Horford and Marc Gasol. If the TWolves draft him they will have a young franchise center to pair up with star Kevin Love.

If the TWolves are to become successful in the Western Conference they should follow the model of the Memphis Grizzlies. Like the Grizzlies they are built around a star power forard. Minnesota has Love while Memphis has Zach Randolph. Beasley is simlar to Rudy Gay and they hope Ricky Rubio can have an impact similar to Memphis' point guard Mike Conley. Also like Memphis they have some solid depth at forward. Memphis has Shane Battier, Darrel Arthur and Sam Young, while Minnesota has Johnson, Randolph and Webster.

Unlike Memphis, Minnesota doesn't have a good center or shooting guard. Ellington is the best/only true shooting guard on the roster. Darko is the starting center. If Kanter can have a Gasol like impact (be a 15 and 8 guy who defends and hits open shots) then all Minnestoa would really need is a defensive shooting simliar to Tony Allen, Thabo Sefolosha or Aaron Affalo.

They would then have a very solid starting lineup
SG-need defender


So until a trade is made, Kanter should be the choice in Minnesota over Williams

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