Monday, June 14, 2010

NBA Draft Team Needs: Teams With Lottery Picks


Needs: True PG and new face of franchise, Depth up front, shooters on the wings to help John Wall.
Picks: 1, 30, 35
Core: SG-Gilbert Arenas, PF-Andray Blatche, C/F-JaVale McGhee, G/F-Nick Young, F/G-Mike Miller
Key Free Agents: Miller, PG-Randy Foye (Restricted)
Options: At 1-John Wall
At 30 and 35-Devin Ebanks, Trevor Booker, Jarvis Varnado, Quincy Poindexter, Jordan Crawford
Many expected the Wizards to be a playoff team going into the season. As soon as it became apparent that they weren't heading to the playoffs, they unloaded two of their best players and biggest salaries in Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison. Now they're a young team in complete rebuilding mode. What better way to rebuild than with the #1 pick? John Wall is a pretty easy choice there. The Wizards will hope that Gilbert Arenas can put his ego and drama aside to pair with the talented point guard to form one of the best backcourts in the NBA.

Needs: Frontcourt depth, a star to compliment Igoudala
Pick: 2
Core: G/F-Andre Igoudala, SF-Thaddeus Young, PF-Elton Brand, PG-Jrue Holiday, C-Samuel Dalembert, CG-Louis Williams
Key Free Agents: SG-Willie Green (ETO), SF-Jason Kapono (PO-not likely to exercise option)
Options: Evan Turner, trade down
Synopsis: Unless the 76ers trade down, the pick should be a no-brainer with Turner. He was the best player in college basketball last year and is ready to come in and make an impact from day one. Some wonder if his game is too similar to Igoudala. So what, Turner is substantially better than big men Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. I would be shocked if Philly took Favors or Cousins over Turner. As drafts go on teams are learning that 90% of the time it's a major mistake to take size over skill (Oden over Durant, Darko over Melo and DWade, Bowie over Jordan, you get the picture).

Needs: Everything but center, a superstar, and shooters
Picks: 3, 27, 31
Core: C-Brook Lopez, PG-Devin Harris, SG-Courtney Lee, F-Yi, F/G-Chris Douglas-Roberts, F/G-Terrence Williams
Key Free Agents: Douglas-Roberts (TO), G/F-Jarvis Hayes
Options: At 3-Derrick Favors or Evan Turner
At 27 and 31-Damion James, Gani Lawal, Jordan Crawford, Elliot Williams, Terrico White
Synopsis: When you only win 12 games, you need all of the help in the world. The Nets got screwed by the lottery and will likely miss out on getting Wall or Turner. Derrick Favors is the likely pick, but he'll need 2-4 years to develop. They should take the top players on the board with their two later picks.

Needs: star on the wing, length up front
Picks: 4, 16, 23, 45, 56
Core: C/F-Al Jefferson, PF-Kevin Love, SG-Corey Brewer, PG-Jonny Flynn, F-Ryan Gomes
Key Free Agent: C/F-Darko Milicic
Options: At 4-Trade Up to get Turner, Wes Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins
At 16-If they take Johnson, they need a center with length-Larry Sanders or Hassan Whiteside, if both are gone they should take the top wing on the board. The best player available with their other 3 picks.
Synopsis: The TWolves have 5 total picks (3 in the 1sr round). Unless they can somehow trade up to get Turner they'll stay put and take Johnson or Cousins at #4. They can use the other picks to add depth or use them as parts of trade packages to get some veteran help. Who knows what will happen with Ricky Rubio? Regardless, the TWolves are years from contending for anything but a top pick.

Needs: True Center, SG, shooters to compliment Tyreke Evans
Picks: 5, 33
Core: PG-Tyreke Evans, F/C-Jason Thompson, PF-Carl Landry, SG-Beno Udrih, SF-Omri Casspi, C-Spencer Hawes, F-Donta Greene
No Key Free Agents
Options: At 5-DeMarcus Cousins, Wes Johnson, Greg Monroe, trade down
At 33-Jordan Crawford, Elliot Williams, Jerome Jordan, Jarvis Varnado
Synopsis: The Kings actually have a pretty decent young core. The average age of the 7 players I have listed is exactly 23 years old. Evans is their key to success. His size, skill and penetration ability make him one of the best young playmakers in the league. It's only a matter of time before he's making yearly trips to the all-star game. I think the choice should easily be Cousins if he's available. I don't care about his character issues, he has everything the Kings need to get to the next level. The Kings also have some cap room and will be looking to shred even more salary in hopes of getting a good but maybe not elite free agent this summer.

Needs: Star big man, wing depth
Picks: 6, 44
Core: SG-Monta Ellis, PG-Stephen Curry, F/G-Cory Maggette, C-Andris Biedrins, PF-Anthony Tolliver, SF-Anthony Randolph
Key Free Agents: Tolliver (Restricted), SG-Anthony Morrow (Restricted)
Options: At 6-Greg Monroe, Al-Farouq Aminu, Patrick Patterson, Wes Johnson, Ekpe Udoh
At 35-Terrico White, Lance Stephenson, Jordan Crawford
Synopsis: The Warriors need a lot of help inside. I like Monroe here. He has the size to play power forward or center. Monroe's greatest asset is his passing ability and fundamental play out of the post. The Warriors have plenty of shooters and slashers. They need exactly what Monroe can provide. If Monroe is gone, Aminu would be a good fit. He has the length and skill set to play either forward spot. If Cousins drops to #6, expect Detroit to make the popular to trade up one spot for some cash.

Needs: Center, True PG
Picks: 7, 36
Core: SG-Rip Hamilton, SF-Tayshaun Prince, PG-Rodney Stuckey, SG-Ben Gordon, F-Charlie Villanueva, PF-Jonas Jerebko
Key Free Agents: C-Ben Wallace, F/C-Chris Wilcox
Options: At 7-DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Cole Aldrich
At 36-Dexter Pittman, Jerome Jordan, Craig Brackens, Trevor Booker
Synopsis: DeMarcus Cousins just looks like he belongs on the Pistons. He's big, he's tough, and he can play. If he's not a bad boy then I don't know who is. If Detroit wants him, they'll likely need to trade up a few spots to get him. If he's gone, it should either be Monroe or Aldrich. Both players could come in a be their starting center from day one. Aldrich is longer and a little tougher, but Monroe is more skilled offensively.

Needs: SF, depth everywhere
Picks: 8, 54
Core: C-Chris Kaman, PG-Baron Davis, PF-Blake Griffin, SG-Eric Gordon,
Key Free Agents: SF-Rasual Butler, F/C-Drew Gooden, SF-Travis Outlaw
Options: At 8-Al-Farouq Aminu, Paul George, Gordan Hayward, Wes Johnson (if he were to somehow fall here), they'll take the best player available at 54
Synopsis: It's pretty easy to see what the Clippers need. They have two proven veterans with Kaman and Davis. They have two young studs in Gordan and Griffin. They need a starting small forward. The Clippers have plenty of cap room to go after a Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay but there's no guarantee they'll be able to sign one of them. So the chances are very high that they draft a wing at #8.

Needs: Depth at both forward spots, shooters
Picks: 9, 55
Core: PG-Deron Williams, PF-Carlos Boozer, PF-Paul Millsap, C-Mehmet Okur, F/G-Wesley Matthews, F/G-C.J. Miles
Key Free Agents: Boozer, Matthews (Restricted), SF-Kyle Korver
Options: At 9- Greg Monroe, Ekpe Udoh, Patrick Patterson, Luke Babbit, Xavier Henry
Best Player Available at 55
Synopsis: I think the Jazz should trade up and get Turner, but the likelihood of that happening looks very low. The Jazz will have plenty of options at #9. My guess is that they take Babbit or Henry to provide shooting on the wings. Both players would help ease a lot of pressure off of Williams. If they draft a power forward, it will be a strong signal that they are ready to let Carlos Boozer leave.

Needs: PG, defense up front
Picks: 10, 40, 57
Core: SF-Danny Granger, PF-Troy Murphy, C-Roy Hibbert, SG-Brandon Rush, PG-Earl Watson, SG-Dahntay Jones, PF-Tyler Hansborough
Key Free Agents: Watson
Options: At 10-Trade down, Hassan Whiteside, Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis, Avery Bradley
At 40 and 57-Jordan Crawford, Andy Rautins, Jerome Jordan, Armon Bassett
Synopsis: The Pacers have been connected to many trade rumors for a new starting point guard and are willing to shop the #10 pick. Several young backup point guards have been rumored to the Pacers including Darren Collison (NO), George Hill (SA), and Ty Lawson (IND). I would be shocked if they kept this pick. If they do keep the pick they might just shock everyone and take Texas combo guard Avery Bradley. They could also use a defensive center or power forward at #10. They would love to trade down and and still get Bradley or Eric Bledsoe.

Needs: SF, Center
Pick: 11
Core: PG-Chris Paul, PF-David West, C-Emeka Okafor, SG-Marcus Thorton, G/F-Peja Stojakovic, PG-Darren Collison
No Key Free Agents unless Stojakovic opts out
Options: Paul George, Larry Sanders, Hassan Whiteside, Gordon Hayward
Synopsis: New coach Monty Williams wants to use his plethora of athletic guards to run. George would be an ideal small forward in their new uptempo system. They could also use a long athletic center to help out West and Okafor down low.

Needs: SF (in case Gay Leaves), backup PF, PG upgrade
Picks: 12, 25, 28
Core: PF-Zach Randolph, SF-Rudy Gay, SG-O.J. Mayo, C-Marc Gasol, PG-Mike Conley, C-Hasheem Thabeet
Key Free Agents: Gay (Restricted), G/F-Ronnie Brewer (Restricted)
Options: at 12-Luke Babbit, Patrick Patterson, Gordon Hayward, Xavier Henry, Ed Davis
at 25 and 28-Eric Bledsoe, Willie Warren, Greivis Vasquez, Jordan Crawford, Craig Brackens
Synopsis: The Grizzlies look to be on the verge of being a playoff team. However there's a lot of uncertainty this off-season. Rudy Gay is a free agent and Randolph has some legal issues. Even if Randolph can provide them another year like last year, he still will be a free agent in 2011. Memphis will have plenty of forward options at #12. Many top prospects have declined workouts for then including Gordan Hayward, Paul George and Ekpe Udoh. It will be interesting if the Grizzlies take one of these players.

Needs: True center, wing depth, PG
Pick: 13
Core: PF-Chris Bosh, F/C-Andrea Bargnani, SF-Hedo Turkoglu, SG-DeMar DeRozan, PG-Jarrett Jack, PG-Jose Calderon, SG-Sonny Weems
Key Free Agents: Bosh (PO)
Options: Hassan Whiteside, Larry Sanders, Ed Davis, Daniel Orton
Synopsis: It's time to rebuild in Toronto. Last year the Raptors acquired Hedo to help Bosh and they still couldn't make the playoffs. Now Bosh is practically gone,Hedo wants to be traded and Calderon doesn't figure into the teams long term plans either. Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo has his hands full to say the least. They could draft a long center and move Bargnani to his natural forward position or they could get a sharpshooting small forward to compliment the young slashing DeRozan. It should be a crazy off-season in Canada.

Needs: C/PF
Pick: 14
Core: C-Yao, PG-Aaron Brooks, PF-Luis Scola, G/F-Trevor Ariza, SG-Kevin Martin, SF-Shane Battier, SG-Cahse Budinger
Key Free Agents: Scola (Restricted), PG-Kyle Lowry (Restricted)
Options: Hassan Whiteside, Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis
Synopsis: The Rockets are very good on the outside but need a lot of help down low with the uncertainty surrounding Yao Ming's health and with Scola being a free agent. They should have an upgrade in the low post and will have plenty of players to choose from. They would like to get Chris Bosh via sign and trade but that could be a long shot.

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