Sunday, June 27, 2010

Answers To My 5 Questions

Question #1: Will one of the 3 teams (MIN, MEM, OKC) with 3 first round selections trade up?

Oklahoma City made a major move by trading up with New Orleans to get Cole Aldrich at 11. The Thunder hope that he will be their center of the future for this young team with a ton of talent. None of the three teams kept all their first round picks. Minnesota traded both the 16th and 23rd picks while Memphis traded the 25th pick.

Question #2: Will the Pacers and/or Hornets trade down?

The Hornets saved some cash by trading down with the Thunder while the Pacers were unable to trade down.

Question #3: What will be the draft order of these 5 wings, Luke Babbit, Xavier Henry, Paul George, Gordan Hayward, and James Anderson?

Hayward went first at 9 to Utah, then George at 10 to Indy, Henry at 12 to Memphis, Babbit at 16 to Minnesta and was then traded to Portland while Anderson went at 20 to San Antonio.

Question #4: Will Daniel Orton or Hassan Whiteside slip out of the first round?

Orton barely made it into the first at 29 to Orlando while Whiteside slipped out of the first and went to Sacramento at 33.

Question #5: What European guy that no casual basketball fan has heard of will be selected tonight?

Kevin Seraphin was the only Euro prospect to go in the first. He went a little higher than expected at 17. German big man Tibor Pliess led off the second round at 31 and Nemanja Bjelica went at 35. Three other foreigners were picked in the second round. Don't expect to see any of them in the league any time soon.

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