Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Key Questions In Tonight's Draft

Question #1: Will one of the 3 teams (MIN, MEM, OKC) with 3 first round selections trade up?

It appears the Thunder want to trade up to get a center. They could trade to #5 to get DeMarcus Cousins or trade into the top 12 to get Cole Aldrich. It would make a lot of sense for Memphis to move up to get both a power and small forward in the top 15 or trade out of #25 or #28. Minnesota has been trying but it looks like they'll stay at #4 but might trade out of 16 or 23.

Question #2: Will the Pacers and/or Hornets trade down?

Both want to, but for different reasons. The Hornets are tying to save money, while the Pacers are trying to acquire a starting point guard. If they are unable to trade down expect both to draft a wing player.

Question #3: What will be the draft order of these 5 wings, Luke Babbit, Xavier Henry, Paul George, Gordan Hayward, and James Anderson?

The difference between these five guys is very minimal. I have them ranked 11-15. However one may sneak in the top 10, while another could slip. It should be very interesting.

Question #4: Will Daniel Orton or Hassan Whiteside slip out of the first round?

Both are project big men who left after one year of college. Both are unproven yet have a lot of potential. I can see one of them falling out of the first round tonight.

Question #5: What European guy that no casual basketball fan has heard of will be selected tonight?

I expect Kevin Seraphin to go in the first. But don't be surprised if Tibor Pliess, a 7 footer out of Germany or some others are taken earlier than expected.

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