Monday, April 19, 2010

NBA Playoff 1st Round Predictions

I know the playoffs have already started and every game 1 is now in the books so I'm cheating on my predictions. I would have blogged about it sooner but I've been busy.

So Here it Goes:


1) Cleveland vs. 8) Chicago
Cleveland in 5.
Too much LeBron, too much Shaq and too much depth for the Bulls to handle. I think they could win one game in Chi-Town if Derrick Rose just goes off, but even that might be pushing it.

4) Boston vs. 5) Miami
Miami in 7
Oh this is going to get better and better by the game. I can't remember a Game 2 in the 1st round with more leading up to it. The KG suspension means the Heat have a great chance to steal one in Boston. The Heat completely dominated the Celtics for 2 and a half quarters in Game 1 then just let it slip away before the incident in the final minute of the game. The Heat proved they could outplay with the Celtics, but can they do it for a full game? They will need scoring from others not just DWade.

2) Orlando vs. 7) Charlotte
Orlando in 4
If there is going to be a sweep, this is the series for it. Charlotte is happy to get their first playoffs appearance in franchise history. Orlando has their mind set on winning the title and the journey starts here. The Bobcats just have no answer for Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson destroyed both Ray Felton and D.J. Augustin in Game 1. The Magic have it all, the Bobcats are good but just don't have enough.

3) Atlanta vs. 6) Milwaukee
Atlanta in 5
Without Andrew Bogut the Bucks don't have a chance to win this series. Brandon Jennings and John Salmons are good enough to carry them to a Game 3 0r 4 desperation win but anything more than that would be a surprise to me. Atlanta is an elite team. They have closed the gap in the East and are out to prove this postseason that they are in the same class as Cleveland, Orlando and Boston.


1) Los Angles Lakers vs. 8) Oklahoma City
LA in 6
I love Kevin Durant but if the Thunder don't have a chance. If they win 2 games in this series it should be counted as a success. Kobe and Durant are pretty much even. But the Lakers are so much better up front it's not even fair. OKC's Russell Westbrook has a mismatch against Derrick Fisher but that is the only true advantage the Thunder have in this series. The Thunder will put up a nice fight but the Lakers are dominant.

4) Denver vs. 5) Utah
Denver in 6
Okur is done and Kenyon Martin is looking healthy. Each team has an incredible duo, the Nuggets have Melo and Chauncey and the Jazz have Deron and Boozer. But the Nuggets just have way too much depth for the Jazz to handle. 6th man J.R. Smith is better than any Utah's wings. Utah will win 2 games in Utah but Denver just has too much talent.

2) Dallas vs. 7) San Antonio
Dallas in 6
The Mavs and Spurs meet again. Both teams are aging but are led by great power forwards. Dallas has Dirk and San Antonio has Duncan. Right now Dirk is better than Duncan. The Spurs have 4 NBA titles, the Mavs have none. The Mavs are hungry for one last title run.

3) Phoenix vs. 6) Portland
Phoenix in 6
With the eminent departure of Amare Stoudamire this summer this will be the run for the Suns as well. Nash is 36 but he is still one of the best point guards in the NBA. Portland was able to slow Phoenix in Game 1 and steal a game in Phoenix. The Blazers looked good but the absence of star Brandon Roy is going to hurt them. Nash and Stoudamire will click in Game 2 and the pressure will be put back on the injured Blazers. If it does go 7, I still like the Suns.

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