Thursday, March 11, 2010

NBA Mock Draft

1. NJ (7-57)-John Wall-PG-Kentucky-Fr.
No brainer choice, with Wall, Brook Lopez and 30 million in cap room the Nets could sign a star free agent and go from being one of the worst teams ever to being a playoff contender.

2. MIN (14-51)-Evan Turner-F/G-Ohio St.-Jr.
Turner is cut from the Danny Granger/Brandon Roy mold. He can do absolutely everything on the basketball court. He should step in and instantly be the best player in Minnesota since Kevin Garnett.

3. GS (17-46)-Derrick Favors-PF-Georgia Tech-Fr.
Anthony Tolliver has started at PF this season, need I say any more. Anthony Randolph is more of a combo forward then a true post presence. The athletic Favors would be the ideal fit as a PF in Don Nelson's uptempo style.

4. WAS (21-40)-Wesley Johnson-G/F-Syracuse-Jr.
He's the best player available and could instantly come in and start at either the 2 or the 3.

5. IND (21-43)-DeMarcus Cousins-C/F-Kentucky-Fr.
Roy Hibbert you have been replaced with a stronger, better and tougher player. Cousins is a beast who will take some of the pressure off of Danny Granger.

6. SAC (22-43)-Hassan Whiteside-C-Marshall-Fr.
I think the Kings would rather have Cousins. I think they will take the best big man available between Cousins, Whiteside and Aldrich.

7. Utah (from NY (22-42))-Al-Farouq Aminu-SF-WFU-So.
Andrei Kirilenko is nearing his end in Utah. Aminu's a versatile 3 who would compliment Deron Williams and Paul Millsap perfectly.

8. DET (22-44)-Cole Aldrich-C-Kansas-Jr.
The Pistons are in rebuilding mold and Aldrich would fit nicely in their long term plans. It would be great if they kept Ben Wallace for a year or two to help Aldrich's development.

9. PHL (23-41)-Donatas Motiejunas-PF-Lithuania-Int.
The Elton Brand project has failed. Motiejunas would fit the 76ers uptempo style as a versatile big man who can hit open jumpers.

10. LAC (25-40)-Willie Warren-CG-Oklahoma-So.
It almost makes to much sense. Warren Warren is a Baron Davis clone who could learn under Davis before becoming the starter in a few years. Warren has had a TERRIBLE season plagued by injuries. Remember Davis had the same injury questions coming out of UCLA in 1999. Warren also played a year at Oklahoma with Blake Griffin. Since it makes so much sense there is no way it will actually happen.

11. NO (32-33)-Devin Ebanks-SF-WVU-So.
Ebanks will be a great compliment player in the mold of Marvin Williams. The Hornets have a superstar in CP3 and Marcus Thorton has been an absolute steal. Ebanks would give them a great young 1-3.

12. CHI (32-33)-James Anderson-SG-OK St.-Jr.
The man can score. Anderson could instantly come in and give the Bulls the scoring touch that Ben Gordon provided them before he left for Detroit.

13. HOU (32-31)-Greg Monroe-PF-Georgetown-Fr.
Monroe reminds me a lot of Zach Randolph. You look at his body and lack of explosiveness and wonder how he could be so good. Monroe has the potential to eventually be a 20 and 10 guy. He would be a good compliment to Yao or could become the star himself if Yao is unable to return to his old form.

14. MEM (34-31)-Patrick Patterson-PF-Kentucky-Jr.
He is clearly the best player avalible and could eventually replace Zach Randolph at the 4 in Memphis. The Grizz would like an upgrade at PG but should go with the best player on the board. The Grizz will have 3 first round picks and will consider trading up to get another impact star.

15. MIA (33-32)-Larry Sanders-C/F-VCU-So.
Miami has 2 first round picks as long as Toronto makes the playoffs. However the draft will be on the back burner this off season. Re-signing superstar DWade is top priority and getting him a low post star like Amare, Bosh, or Boozer is priority number two. Sanders is a local south Florida kid who could be a great defensive center for many years.

16. MIN (from CHR (32-31))-Stanley Robinson-SF-UConn-Sr.
Robinson is the best player on the board and will compete with Coery Brewer for the SF of the future in Minnesota.

17. MIA (from TOR (32-31))-Armon Johnson-PG-Nevada-Jr.
Big lefty PG with a good shot, would be a great compliment for DWade

18. MIL (34-29)-Xavier Henry-G/F-Kansas-Fr.
Bogut and Jennings have been great this year and have the Bucks in position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2006. The 1 and 5 are set. The 2-4 could use some improvement.

19. POR (38-28)-Soloman Alabi-C-FSU-So.
He is a long term project who could become a good defensive center. Greg Oden's injuries have been a major concern in Portland and it' never to soon to look to a possible replacement should Oden never heal.

20. SA (37-25)-Jan Vesely-PF-Czech Rep.-Int.
Vesely is a young Euro prospect who needs at least a few more years in Europe. He could be part of the Spurs long term plans once Duncan and Ginobili's time is done.

21. OKC (from PHO (40-25))-Gani Lawal-PF-Georgia Tech-Jr.
Lawal is the best player on the board and will go around the same spot he would have gone had he stayed in the draft last year.

22. OKC (39-24)-Jerome Jordan-C-Tulsa-Sr.
Jordan is still developing but you can't teach 7 feet with a nice touch.

23. ATL (40-23)-Terrico White-CG-Ole Miss-So.
Joe Johnson is a free agent so there is a slight chance he might leave. If he does, White could step in and play either guard spot.

24. BOS (40-23)-Trevor Booker-PF-Clemson-Sr.
At some time during the season KG will get hurt. Booker can help Glen Davis with depth up front.

25. MIN (from Utah (42-22))-Craig Brackens-PF-Iowa St.-Jr.
I already have them drafting two wings so now they get some length up front to help out Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. Iowa is not that far from Minnesota so Brackens should be adjusted to the Midwest winters.

26. MEM (from DEN (43-21)-Elliot Williams-CG-Memphis-CG
He's from Memphis, played college at Memphis, it's only natural he gets drafted by Memphis.

27. NJ (fromDAL (45-21))-Damion James-PF/SF-Texas-Sr.
The Nets need NBA ready players. James is maybe a tweener as forward, but he has incredible athleticism and a NBA body to contribute for the lowly Nets.

28. ORL (45-20)-Greivis Vasquez-CG-Maryland-Sr.
Guard depth is what the Magic need most. Vasquez is an All-American who can contribute right away.

29. MEM (from LAL (47-18))-Sherron Collins-PG-Kansas-Sr.
Collins is a winner and a competitor first and foremost. He can push Mike Conley for the starting PG spot.

30. WAS (from CLV (50-15))-A.J. Ogilvy-C-Vandy-Jr.
The Wizards need some offensive help in the low post. What Ogilvy lacks as an athlete, he makes up for with skill.

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