Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Mock Drafts

This is my major crazy no holding back mock draft with some interesting projected trades by me.

1. LAC-Blake Griffin-PF- An absolute no brainer

2. MEM- Hasheem Thabeet-C- I kept thinking and thinking that their would be a trade between the Grizz and the Kings for Ricky Rubio. It would make perfect sense. But it looks highly unlikely that the two teams will be able to work out a trade. Memphis is not likely to make that trade unless they get PF Jason Thompson from the Kings. The Kings don't want to give up their first round pick from last year.

3. OKC- James Harden-SG- With Thabeet gone they get a SG who will start right away with young stars SF-Kevin Durant and PG-Russel Westbrook. I think the Thunder would be idiots to pick PG-Ricky Rubio and then move Russel Westbrook to SG. That would mean all of the growth that Westbrook made last year at the point will have been for nothing.
The Thunder would then need a defensive Center. I think they should trade Nick Collison, Earl Watson and the #25 pick to the 76ers to get Center Samuel Dalembert and maybe a future pick. Either do that or trade back up in the draft to B.J. Mullens. But to me Mullens is like another Nenad Kristic.

4. SAC-Ricky Rubio-PG- they say they like Tyreke Evans over Ricky Rubio. I don't buy it at all. No way they pass on Rubio who many t
hought they would trade up for.

5. MIN-Tyreke Evans-CG- (see below)

6. MIN-Stephen Curry-CG- So here the plan in Minnesota for the f
uture. Al you score and rebound inside. Tyreke you drive and create and lock up the oppsing teams SG. Stephen you shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Kevin you do all of the little things. They just need a SF and depth now. Ironically the TWolves model would be the Celtics. Al would be like KG, Tyreke would be like Paul Pierce, and Stephen would be like Ray Allen. They might not make the playoffs just yet but the TWolves will be vastly improved if this is how their draft turns out. Don't trade up. Just stay and let the cards unfold.

7. GS-Jordan Hill-PF- After getting rail thin PF's in the past (Anthony Randolph and Brendan Wright) the Warriors get some muscle and toughness in this Antonio Davis clone. Hill will rebound, defend and runs the floor, a perfect fit for Nelly.

NY-Jonny Flynn-PG- The Knicks top targets are gone (Curry, Evans, and Hill). They like Geralrd Henderson, but they really need a PG more than a SG. So I think they take the kid that lit up MSG in the Big East Tournament, rather than Jrue Holiday or Brandon Jennings who didn't really prove anything last year. Plus Flynn is the best shooter out of those 3 PG's, so to me he'd be the likely choice for coach D'Antoni.

9. TOR-Demar DeRozan-F/G- The Raptors need youth, athleticism, and slashers on the wings. DeRozan has all of those things and will be the future to the franchise once Chris Bosh leaves. He has as much potential as any player in the draft.

10. MIL-Jrue Holiday-PG- the Bucks have made it pretty clear that they will go with a PG. Flynn is likely the first choice but Holiday would be a good pick here as well.

11. CHI(Trd. NJ)-Gerald Henderson-SG- I do not see the Nets staying here. The Nets want a Strong PF like DeJuan Blair or Tyler Hansborough. They can trade down and save some money for next years' off season and still get one of the two at #16. The Bulls on the other hand need a SG to replace Ben Gordon if he leaves. Henderson would be a great compliment to PG Derrick Rose.

12. CHR-Terrence Williams-F/G- Williams is experienced, versatile and plays great defense. Those are 3 things Larry Brown loves. It's either Williams or Henderson for the Bobcats.

13. MIN(Trd. IND)-Earl Clark-SF- The TWolves already get their backcourt of the future. They then should use their other picks to try to trade up and get Clark. He would provide the TWolves with needed length and offensive versatility with their meaty frontline of Jefferson, Love and Ryan Gomes.

14. PHO-Brandon Jennings-PG- Jennings is said to be slipping as of late, but I don't think he'll slide past the Suns at #14. The Suns are going back to their uptempo style after dealing Shaq. Jennings would be a great fit as their PG of the future. He is still raw but can learn a lot from Steve Nash who at 35 needs a young backup.

15. ORL(Trd.DET)-James Johnson-CF- I still think the Pistons might deal this pick. Their will be a few teams that might want to trade up for Center B.J. Mullens like OKC, DAL, NO, or possibly HOU who does not have a pick.. However both DAL and NO are over the luxury tax limit and probably will not want to trade up. James Johnson is still a work in progress but he is a very active and tough player. B.J. Mullens adn Clark are other options.

16. NJ(Trd. CHI)-Tyler Hansborough-PF- The Nets ave some money and get the PF they want in Hansborough, he will fit nicly up front with last year's first round pick Brook Lopez.

17. PHL-Ty Lawson-PG- The kid originally from Maryland went to VA to finish his high school career for powerhouse Oak Hill Academy, then he went further south to help lead UNC to a title. Now he goes back up north to help Philly win. Lawson is a great fit for their fast paced offence and is a proven winner.

18. IND(Trd. MIN)- DeJuan Blair-PF- The Pacers would be smart to trade down a little and get a tough forward. Either Blair, Hansborough, or James Johnson should be avalible.

19. ATL-Jeff Teague-PG- The Hawks should take the best PG avalible at #19, it should either be Teague or Eric Maynor.

20. Utah-Sam Young-SF- The fundamental, versatile SF would be an ideal fit in the half court set the Jazz use. The Jazz also need a backup PG and depth at PF in case Boozer or Millsap leaves via Free Agency. But I see them going with the Best player avalible.

21. NO-B.J. Mullens-C- This would be a dream for the Hornets to have a young Center fall to them. He will take some time to develop. But his development could make Tyson Chandler expendable.

22. NJ(Trd. CHI-POR)-Omri Casspi-SF- The like him a lot and they will keep him in Europe for a year to develop.

23. SAC-Austin Daye-SF- I am not high on Daye. He plays like a timid little you know what. He is 6-10 and only 190 pounds with average athleticism. He was pushed around in college and now he thinks he'e ready for the big time. He will take a lot of time to develop, but luckily the Kings stink and are many years from being competitive. So they take a chance on a prospect many feel has top 10 potential. He's got a nice stroke and perimeter game. But he makes Tayshun Prince and Kevin Durant look like their on roids.

24. DAL-Darren Collison-PG- Collison can be insurance if Jason Kidd leaves. He can help especially on defense where the Mavs are lacking on the perimeter. The Mavs also need a Center.

25. DEN(Trd.OKC)-Eric Maynor-PG- I really like Eric Maynor but with all the PG's someone might slip. Denver needs a backup PG and would trade up into the first round to get a talent like Maynor. He could be like this years Mario Chalmers.

26. CHI-DaJuan Summers-CF- Having already taken a SG, the Bulls add depth to their frontcourt with a versatile forward.

27. MEM-Jermaine Taylor-SG- Taylor is an underrated SG who can come off the bench and give the Grizz great minutes. They can play him in the backcourt with either O.J. Mayo or Mike Conley.

28. IND(TrdMIN)-Nick Calathes-PG The Pacers go with the best PG on the board in Calathes.

29. NY-Chase Budinger-G/F- He needs the right system to be successful. He is a perfect fit for D'Antoni. He can shoot, run the floor and is very athletic. He just needs to get a little tougher.

30. CLV-Wayne Ellington- The Cavs need guys who can hit open shots and who are winners if they are going to get back to the finals. Elllington is both of these things. At #30 he can be a major steal. NOTEs: I have a 3 way trade between NJ, POR, and CHI

POR gets Kirk Hinrich

NJ gets the #16 and #22 picks

CHI gets #11 pick and Steve Blake

The other trades are all just in draft swaps.

MIN trades their two late 1st Round picks To Indiana for the #13 pick

DEN tradess their #34 pick, plus a 2 future 2nd Rd. picks to OKC for the #25 pick

My Mock Draft With No Trades (except for ones that are official as of now)
with small little notes
1. LAC-B. Griffin-PF No Brainer

2. MEM-H. Thabeet-C He's the choice as of right now

3. OKC-J. Harden-SG Perfect Fit at SG for Thunder, picking Rubio her would be a huge mistake

4. SAC-R. Rubio-PG I still think Rubio lands in Sacramento.

5. MIN-T. Evans-CG See Below

6. MIN-S. Curry-CG It is a win-win situation for the TWolves in this draft. The talent from picks 2-8 is even

7. GS-J. Hill-PF He should be avalible and the Warriors should pick him

8. NY-J. Flynn-PG A quick shooter who would fare well in the umtempo system

9. TOR-D. DeRozan-F/G Great young athlete to build with

10. MIL-J. Holiday-PG They want Flynn, they might need to settle for Holiday

11. NJ-T.Williams-F/G If the Nets keep the pick it's either Williams or Henderson. I like Williams just barely

12. CHR-G. Henderson-SG From Duke to the Bobcats, Mr. Henderson gets to stay in state

13. IND-D. Blair-PF The Pacers need a bruiser inside to do the dirty work.

14. PHO-B. Jennings-PG Jennings is quick, has great moves and should do very well in the Suns offense

15. DET-J. Johnson-CF If they keep the pick, the Pistons will take the best player avalible

16. CHI-B.J. Mullens-C The Bulls can get a good SG at #26, so they take the only other Center at #16

17. PHL-T. Lawson-PG A great fit for the 76ers uptempo style.

18. MIN-E. Clark-CF The Twolves will likely need to trade up to get Mr. Clark's versatile offensive game

19. ATL-J. Teague-PG The Hawks should take the best PG avalible

20. Utah-T. Hansborough-PF If Tyler is avalible the Jazz should nab him in an instant

21. NO-E. Maynor-PG The Hornets need a backup PG and a backup Center

22. POR-O. Casspi-SF The Blazers have enough young players on the roster so they take the Euro product

23. SAC-A. Daye-SF Daye is a work in progress, but many feel he has top 10 talent, I'm NOT one of those


24. DAL-D. Collison-PG Terry and Berea play offense, Collison can provide some defense.

25. OKC-D. Brown-CF An ultra athletic combo forward

26. CHI-J.Taylor-SG I think Taylor is the best SG avalible right now, his skill set is similar to Ben Gordon

27. MEM-S. Young-SF The Best player avalible who can come off the bech and contribute right away

28. MIN-N. Calathes-PG The TWolves will leave Nick in Greece and let hiim develop

29. NY-C. Budinger-G/F An athlete who can shoot the rock, sounds like a D'Antoni fit to me

30. CLV-W. Ellington-SG If he can hit open shots that LaBron creates then the Cavs need him.

The only two different players I have in my mocks are Derrick Brown and DaJuan Summers.

With the draft beginning in about 25 minutes I will not do a second round

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