Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NCAA-Rankings, Tiers

My rankings going into Championship Week:

1. Pittsburgh (28-3)
2. UNC (27-3)
3. UConn (27-3)
4. Memphis (28-3)
5. Oklahoma (27-4)
6. Louisville (25-5)
7. Michigan St. (25-5)
8. WFU (24-5)
9. Duke (25-6)
10. Villanova (25-6)
11. Kansas (25-6)
12. Washington (24-7)
13. Gonzaga (26-5)
14. UCLA (24-7)
15. Mizzou (25-6)
16. LSU (25-6)
17. Butler (26-4)
18. Xavier (24-6)
19. Syracuse (26-8)
20. Clemson (23-7)
21. Marquette (23-8)
22. BYU (24-6)
23. Ariz. St. (22-8)
24. FSU (23-8)
25. Illinois (23-8)
25(tie). Purdue (22-9)

My Tiers:
(2)-Battle for #1, some say UNC some say Pitt. but they both are guaranteed #1 seeds
UNC, Pittsburgh
(4)-Four teams trying to get the two other #1 seeds, the Big East Champ will get one without a doubt
UConn, Memphis, Louisville, Oklahoma
(3)-Very Good teams, if Duke and WFU meet in the semis of the ACC tournament the winner will likely get a #2 seed and more importantly get their opening round games in nearby nearby in Greensboro, NC
Michigan St., Duke, WFU
(5)-Dangerous Very talented teams going into the big dance, all have the capability to get to the Final Four.
Villanova, Kansas, Washington, UCLA, Mizzou
(4)-Conference Cruisers , they ran through their respective conferences without any real challengers
Gonzaga, LSU, Butler, Xavier
(8)-Uppers and Downers, these are all good major conference teams who have been great at times but also very suspect, any of these teams could make a run in the big dance but I would not be surprised if they lost in the first or second round either.
Syracuse, Clemson, Marquette, Ariz. St., FSU, Illinois, Purdue, California
(4)-Are they really as good as their RPI?
BYU-21, Tennessee-23, Utah-11, WVU-26
(3)-Second Tier Big 12 Schools all with at least 20 wins and RPI's in the 30's or 20's
Texas, OK St., Texas A&M

Those 33 teams are all in the safe zone.

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