Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NCAA Rankings and Bubble info.

Here are my Top 25 rankings for this week with record going into the week, with team record and RPI.

1. UConn (27-2)-5
2. Pittsburgh (26-3)-1
3. UNC (25-3)-3
4. Oklahoma (26-3)-4
5. Memphis (26-3)-7
6. Louisville (23-5)-11
7. Duke (24-5)-2
8. Michigan St. (23-5)-6
9. Kansas (24-5)-9
10. WFU (22-5)-19
11. Villanova (23-6)-8
12. LSU (25-4)-30
13. Mizzou (24-5)-13
14. Gonzaga (23-5)-38
15. Washington (22-7)-18
16. UCLA (22-7)-32
17. Marquette (23-6)-26
18. Xavier (23-5)-12
19. Clemson (22-6)-14
20. Purdue (22-7)-28
21. Ariz. St. (21-7)-21
22. Butler (25-4)-20
23. Illinois (23-7)-15
24. Syracuse (21-8)-24
25. FSU (22-7)-17

Other Locks for the tournament:
WVU (20-9)-16
Utah (20-8)-10

Almost Locks: These teams probably need just one more insurance win to get them into the dance.
Texas (19-9)-38
California (21-8)-36
OK St. (19-9)-31
BYU (22-6)-22
Texas A&M (21-8)-35
Tennessee (18-10)-21
Dayton (24-5)-28
Minnesota (20-8)-37
Wisconsin (18-10)-32
Notes: With Texas' win against bubble team Baylor on Monday and OK St's win against bubble team KSU on Tuesday, they have almost virtually guaranteed them a spot in the tournament barring two straight blow out losses. Also in the BIG 12, Texas A&M plays @ Colorado tonight. The 3 almost locks from the Big 12 all play a ranked team this weekend. TEX @ KAN, OK St. @ OKL, and Mizzzou @ TEX A&M.

In addition there are several high bubble play-in games this week starting tonight:
3/4-Wisconsin @ Minnesota
3/5-Tennessee @ S.Carolina
3/5- California @ Arizona
Other than Arizona, the winners of these games will all but assure themselves a spot in the tournament. Na Arizona win will help their cause a lot though and they need a win after losing 3 in a row.
Other Key games:
3/5-Dayton @ Xavier, it's simple a Dayton win and they're in.

3/7-Kentucky @ Florida-If both of them win their games this week (FL @ Miss. St. & GA @ KY), then this could become a high bubble play-in game as well.
3/7-UNLV @ San Diego St.-The winner of this game will have the inside track as being the third team out of the MWC to get in especially if Utah or BYU win the conference tournament.

Other Bubble Notes: Three teams on the bubble in the Big East all pretty much said good bye to their at-large chances in the dance. Georgetown and Cincinnati both lost on the road to teams in the bottom of the Big East, both of those Big East bottom feeders all had RPI's below 130. Georgetown lost @ St. John's in OT, while Cincinnati lost by 11 @ USF. Notre Dame lost on Monday at home vs. Villanova. Georgetown and Notre Dame now each have 13 losses, while Cincinnati has 12 losses. Georgetown is the only one of the three that has a RPI in the top 50 at 45, however their 6-11 record in the Big East and their 3-9 record in their last 12 games, eliminate them from tournament consideration. This is great news for Providence which had a huge win against Pittsburgh last week and can get another huge win @ Villanova on 3/5 to end the season. That win would make them 11-7 in the Big East and 19-11 overall with a RPI around the high 40's. That would get them in the dance as the 8th team out of the Big East. If Providence losses they will probably need to win 2 games in the Big East Tournament to have a good chance at an at-large.

It's finally March, God it is great to be alive, tomorrow I will have my Bracketology.

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