Monday, February 9, 2009

NCAA-My real Top 25/ My tounament seeding S-Curve

Here are my rankings along with record in ( ) and RPI according to

1. UConn (22-1)-4
2. Oklahoma (23-1)-3
3. UNC (21-2)-6
4. Pittsburgh (21-2)-2
5. Duke (20-3)-1
6. Louisville (18-4)-11
7. Clemson (19-3)-8
8. WFU (18-3)-14
9. Michigan St. (19-4)-7
10. Memphis (20-3)-9
11. UCLA (19-4)-26
12. Xavier (20-3)-5
13. Marquette (20-3)-24
14. Villanova (19-4)-12
15. Butler (21-2)-10
16. Kansas (19-4)-16
17. Ariz. St. (18-5)-39
18. Mizzou (20-4)-22
19. Gonzaga (17-5)-38
20. Syracuse (18-6)-23
21. Illinois (19-5)-15
22. Ohio St. (17-5)-20
23. LSU (19-4)-52
24. Pudue (17-6)-36
25. Utah St. (23-1)-35
25(tie). WVU (16-7)-17

Just on the outside:

Washington (17-6)-18
California (18-6)-29
Florida (19-4)-30
Texas (15-7)-45
Dayton (21-3)-33
Minnesota (18-5)-25
FSU (18-5)-19
Utah (16-7)-12

My NCAA Tournament S-Curve for Top 8 Seeds
The sites are:
East-Boston (host-Boston College)
South-Memphis (host-Memphis)
MW-Indianapolis (host-Butler)
West-Phoenix (host-Ariz. St.)
Opening Rounds:
Philadelphia (PHL)-(host-St. Joseph's)
Dayton (DAY)-(host-Dayton)
Greensboro, NC (NC)-(host- The ACC)
Miami (MIA)-(host-FIU)
Kansas City (KC)-(host-The Big 12)
Minneapolis (MIN)-(host-Minnesota)
Boise,ID (Boise)-(host-Boise St.)
Portand (POR)-(host-Oregon)
Teams cannot play in the region/site that they host, conferences can

1-East UConn (PHL)
1-MW Oklahoma (KC)
1-South UNC (NC)
1-West Pittsburgh (DAY)

2-West Duke (NC)
2-South Louisville (DAY)
2-MW Michigan St. (MIN)
2-East Clemson (MIA)

3-East Memphis (MIN)
3-South Xavier (KC)
3-West UCLA (POR)

4-West Butler (POR)
4-South Villanova (MIA)
4-MW Marquette (Boise)
4-East Kansas (Boise)

5-East Ariz. St. (Boise)
5-MW Gonzaga (Boise)
5-South LSU (MIA)
5-West Mizzou (POR)

6-West Ohio St. (POR)
6-South Washington (KC)
6-MW Syracuse (PHL)
6-East Illinois (MIN)

7-East Florida (MIA)
7-South FSU (DAY)
7-West WVU (NC)

8-West Purdue (PHL)
8-South Texas (NC)
8-MW Minnesota (KC)
8-East Dayton (PHL)

Utah St- Even though they are ranked, they have an RPI-35 and SOS-190 and play in a small conference. I would put them as a 9-seed in the MW or drop their seed to an 11-seed but put them in the and have them play their 1st 2 rounds in Porland, OR.

Utah- Has a very high RPI, but has 7 losses and plays in a mid-major conference. They would likely be a 10 or 11 seed.

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