Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NBA All-Star Break Awards

I know it's a few days past the All-Star Break but here are my All-Star Break/Just past mid-season awards:

1. LeBron James-CLV-SF- King James deserved it last year and deserves it even more this year. His team is a contender, he has gotten better and his stat line (28, 7, 7) is unbelievable. The showcases' between him and Kobe in MSG just show LeBron's overall effectiveness, what would you rather have, 50+ points and a triple-double or 60+ points? DWade is having a great year and might be more valuable to his team than LeBron, but I would have to put James ahead at this point. Barring a collapse in both his numbers and the Cavs losing, King James will get his first MVP in 08-09.
2. Dwayne Wade-MIA-SG
3. Kobe Bryant-LAL-SG
4. Dwight Howard-ORL-C
5. Chris Paul-NO-PG

Rookie of the Year:
1. Derrick Rose-CHI-PG- Rose is trying to help lead his team into the playoffs while Mayo is hoping the Grizzlies can win the lottery and get Blake Griffin. Rose has better assist numbers while Mayo has better scoring numbers. Since Rose is playing for something I have to give him the slight advantage right now.
2. O.J. Mayo-MEM-SG
3. B. Lopez-NJ-C

Coach of the Year:
1. Stan Van Gundy-ORL- Many people like Mike Brown on Cleveland but Van Gundy has done a better job in a tougher situation in Orlando. He took over last year from a tough situation with the whole Billy Donovan thing and has help turn the Magic into a serious contender. His coaching skill will be put to the test the rest of the year without PG Jameer Nelson
2. Jerry Sloan-Utah
3. Mike Brown-CLV

6th Man Award:
1. Jason Terry-DAL-CG- Terry has the second best player on the Mavs behind Dirk and has them in the playoff hunt in the very tough West. Everyone knows about his scoring ability but his defense is very under rated especially his ability to guard both PGs and SGs.
2. Manu Ginobili-SA-SG
3. J.R. Smith-DEN-G/F

Most Improved:
1. Devin Harris-NJ-PG- This is the toughest choice as Harris, Millsap, Lee along with Jameer Nelson have all stepped up their game to another level but since joining the Nets last year he has gone from a role-playing PG to a young star. He can score, defend, and pass. He also has the Nets in the playoff hunt.
2. David Lee-NY-C
3. Paul Millsap-Utah-PF

Defensive Player of the Year:
1. Dwight Howard-ORL-C- Leads the league in Rebounding and Blocks Per Game that's enough for me. He is the most imposing player in the game right now, sorry Shaq. Howard is the best defender in the league right now and it really isn't close.
2. Kevin Garnett-BOS-PF
3. Marcus Camby-LAC-C

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