Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My college basketball team tiers

(5) The Carolina 3/Big East Big 2- Duke, UNC, UConn, Pittsburgh, WFU

(4) The Big Conference Leaders/Big East Undefeats- Oklahoma, Lousville, Marquette, Mich. St.

(4) Major Mid-Majors- Xavier, Butler, Memphis, St. Mary's/Gonzaga (winner 1/29)

(6) Underachiever/Overachiever- Texas (under), Clemson (both, non-conference-over, in conference-under),
UCLA (very under), Syracuse (both, non-conference-over, in conference-under), Ariz. St. (under),
Washington (over)

(5) Battle for Big 10 #2/SEC #1- Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida, Kentucky

(4) Man the Big East is tough- Villanova, Georgetown, ND, WVU

Those 28 teams are pretty safe as of right now to make tournament.
The next level teams:

(3) The ACC bubble- VT, Miami, FSU

(4) The Big 12 bubble- Kansas, Mizzou, Baylor, OK St.

(4) High RPI not so high record- Tennessee (20-RPI, 12-6), Wisconsin (23-RPI, 11-7),
California (34-RPI, 16-4), Ohio St. (30-RPI, 13-5)

(10) Mid-major free fall teams, A.K.A. teams that better win their conference tournament to feel safe-
St. Mary's/Gonzaga (loser 1/29), Davidson, Dayton, Sienna, UNLV, Utah St., UAB, Utah, BYU, VCU,
ESPNU, youtube, You's a ho, you get the picture

(4) Good seven loss teams, A.K.A. teams that will be 12-14 loss NIT teams- Northwestern, Temple,
Miami (OH), Cincinnati

(5) My favorite, in your best Will Ferrell Stepbrothers voice, " What the fuck happened?"-
Michigan (beat Duke and UCLA early in season, now is 13-6, 4-4. The living definition of a bubble team).
USC (Top recruit- Demar DeRozan + good location-L.A. + good coach + Lil Romeo= high hopes and
hype, the results 13-6 and 54-RPI).
Texas A&M (13-1 before conference play 1-4 in confernence.
Boston College (win @ UNC, then lose 4 straight including loss to Harvard and 56-RPI).
Arkansas (beat Oklahoma and Texas, then go 0-4 in SEC play)
The SEC West and bottom half of SEC east, just o

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